Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A few photos

Did I scare everyone away with my challenges to myself? Well, let me tell you something - remember how I discussed the fact that I needed to no longer read that certain entertainment magazine that was being sent to my house for free and I had no idea why? I've been good - I get it out of the mail and I put it right in the trash. IT IS HARD!!! Its really, really hard to not open it and see what is in it based on the teasers on the front of the magazine. I want to find out how Britney has gone crazy again this week and if Katie has really moved out of Tom's wackjob compound, but I feel accountable to not do it since I put it out here for everyone to know - not like you would know if I read it or not, but I feel more accountable now.

Get this, though... OK was not the only magazine that I was receiveing for free for no known reason. I was also getting Premiere (a movie magazine). I never ordered either one of these, they both just come and I have no idea why, no invoice ever comes, nothing - just the magazines. Anyway, I would read Premiere when I had a chance - nothing exciting, nothing urgent, just when I was bored. In fact, I didn't even get around to reading the last issue that had Will Ferrel on the cover in his Blades of Glory costume. Anway, I got a little card in the mail yesterday that said, "The April 2007 issue of Premiere was the last issue of the magazine being printed. In place of Premiere, you will be receiving US Weekly. You will receive one issue of US Weekly for every paid issue of Premiere that you have left."

Um, hello? Am I being tortured? US Weekly? Now I'm going to have to throw away two perfectly good magazines every week (and by perfectly good I mean brand new and FREE - not good as in good content). US Weekly and OK are by far my guilty pleasures and my mindless entertainment whenever I have them. I especially like to "read" them when going on vacation. Oh well, I guess it is just another test for myself on how much I REALLY want live intentionally - do I want to live up to the way I've challenged myself or give in and just read them. It will be an ongoing battle - especially as long as Tom Cruise and Britney are being wackadoos.

So onto some photos, just wanting to share because they are cute:

BFWW came over last week and at one point during the visit Ryann got mad about something and went upstairs to throw her fit. She got quiet after a while and I figured she probably fell asleep (she has been really extra tired since she was in the hospital - naptime used to be at 3pm and we were getting to the point where I thought she was ready to give it up, now she's begging me to go to sleep at 11:30am. Still sleeping from 8pm-7am, too. Not sure if this is something I should be concerned about.) Anyway - BFWW had to change Elise's diaper at one point and I went to go check on Ryann. I couldn't find her at first. This is what I saw:
Okay, look a little closer:
Here she is:) Isn't that funny?

And here are my little girls all snuggled up on Sunday morning watching cartoons before breakfast:

Don't you just want to jump in the middle of it all and snuggle in with them? I know I do:)


Mommy Brain 5:18 PM  

Soooo cute!

Can you call the mag company and see if they offer any mags that you might want to read?

i am not 5:37 PM  

Good thought... except I have no idea who the magazine company is:)

Jen 9:19 PM  

Love Ryann's hiding place. Cute Georgia pics!

Carol 8:25 AM  

Wow! Satan is really trying to get you to stray, ya know? He knows your weak spot... but God is so much stronger! And Satan is pissed because God has a permanent dwelling in you and not him. Oh well, Satan! Too bad! Take a hike, jerk!

April 9:01 AM  

Cute pictures Jana!

And, you can't scare me away when I agree with everything you are saying :)

Heaven Sent 2:16 PM  

Love the photo of Ryann. Too funny!

And yes, I definitely want to jump in a cuddle. I love snuggly mornings -- I wish my busy bee would give me some once in a while!

Anonymous 7:09 AM  

Jill said:

I love the pictures Jana! Ryann is a funny girl. So cute! :) And snuggly mornings with my kids are my absolute favorite... I don't get enough of those mornings, that's for sure!!!

heidi jo 6:56 AM  


Abby 12:44 AM  

Good post.

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