Monday, April 02, 2007

Happy Birthday to me:)

So I turned 31 yesterday. I really don't care how old I am - I don't understand the need many people have to hide their age or deny that they're getting older. I don't get it. At any rate, I'm now 31 - and it feels no different than 30;)

I have to say that my birthdays are just getting better and better as I age. As a kid, my birthday always fell smack in the middle of spring break which meant no birthday parties and no friends home to even wish me a happy birthday. I didn't get to pass out treats ON my birthday (usually a week before or after) and let me reiterate the part about my friends never being around to make any kind of deal about my birthday. I don't think I even realized it until I finally had a best friend - sophomore year of high school - and she called me FROM ALABAMA to wish me a Happy Birthday. At that point I knew two things: 1) suddenly I realized that my friends were never around to acknowledge my birthday and 2) this girl was really my best friend and she really cared about me.

Since then I have had friends who have definitely made much effort to acknowledge my birthday in special ways and it always meant so much to me. Cornbread, though, goes above and beyond to treat me special on my birthday and I love it and feel guilty all at the same time.

So all that to say that I feel like people make a big deal of my birthday now - and I like it:) I like it because I feel like it is the one day out of the year that other people are taking care of me rather than me taking care of everyone else. Even the simple call/message to say Happy Birthday means that to me - and I'm always amazed at the people who remember (perhaps its easier because it is April Fool's Day?) I feel very humbled on my birthday and very grateful for the people who love me.

I have actually spent a little time trying to figure out what I want out of my 31st year. What do I want to do this year? What do I want to change? What do I want to strengthen? Where am I going this year?

I don't know the answer to all of those questions, but it is kind of fun to think about it. Here are some things I've thought about:
* I know that I want to get into shape and STAY in shape this year.
* I know that I do not want to get pregnant this year (or any other year for that matter;)
* I know that I want to live a consistent life - I don't want to say things are important to me and then not show it with my actions.
* I want to remember other people's birthdays.
* I want to write more thank you notes.
* I want to write more handwritten "I'm thinking of you" notes (do people even like those or do they think its stupid? I never know).
* I want to volunteer somewhere this year.
* I want to not feel guilty about taking some time for myself.
* I want to go on a weekend vacation with Cornbread (other than the Jones regional in June).
* I want to know my Bible better.
* I want to do a Bible study that is meaningful.
* I want to have a clear plan on when I can start nursing school and where I can go.
* I want to take my girls to the park more often during the summer.
* I want to read a fiction book each month (I just don't know which books to read).
* I want to be a good friend.
* I want to eat healthy and be healthy - not just lose weight, but BE healthy.
* I want to remember my parents' birthdays (I always miss them).
* I want to remember ALL of my nephews' birthdays (I always miss at least 2).
* I want to date my husband.

I'm not one for new years resolutions, but I feel like April 2, 2007 is a new start for me - almost like new years. I've never felt that way before, but for some reason I feel it this year. Perhaps because I've felt like my life is a bit in one of those out of control spirals which leaves me feeling helpless, unambitious, unmotivated and like a huge failure lately. Today is a new day. Today begins a new year. I'm loving 31 already.


Heaven Sent 10:50 PM  
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Heaven Sent 10:51 PM  

First of all, Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day. Everyone deserves to feel special at least ONE day. My family always made a big deal out of birthdays. I know we should ideally treat people as if they are special every day, but birthdays are a great excuse. What exactly did Cornbread do for you? I want details!

And what a great list! I'll have to start thinking about this now that I am approaching the big 3-0... :o)

amanda 11:56 PM  

I found myself saying "Me too" to almost all of your list. Except the part about dating your husband. I'll date my own, thanks! :) Hope your day was special, just like you (awwwwwww!)!

Mommy Brain 7:48 AM  

Happy Birthday Jana!
I love the last one about dating your husband...great goal!
And the one about not being pregnant...isn't that a great feeling??? To all of you out there still bearing'll understand when you get there, I promise!

amanda 1:43 PM  

What if we're not sure if we're there or not??? (I'm NOT making an announcement here...just curious) How did you know???

Jen 2:39 PM  

Happy birthday Jana! Sounds like it was fun and all.

Jana~until someone is permanently removed from the gene pool, you are not done.

Amanda~if you don't know, you're not done. I didn't get it til I saw the 2 pink lines with this baby. NOW I know. :-)

mrseagen 2:49 PM  

Jana, loved this post, you are a great friend so you can check that one off your list. As for the handwritten notes, that is challenging isn't it? I bought a pack of cards and low and behold here they sit unused. hmmmm I have an idea....

Anyway I'm glad your day treated you as special as you are and with that I've exceeded the mush limit!

Amy 7:30 PM  

Happy Birthday, Jana! Rob always hated having his b-day in August b/c he never got to bring a birthday treat. He brought his first birthday treat when he took Summer Hebrew at Calvin Sem. :) Hope you had a good birthday. I liked reading your list. Do you have any idea where you want to take nursing classes?

melissa :) 8:32 PM  

I hope you had a wonderful birthday. You are a wonderful person & I love reading all your posts. Here's to a great year ahead! xoxo

April 10:38 AM  

I love your list too! I know what you feel about a lot of them. There are a number of them on your list that I have decided to take a lot more seriously this year more than I have ever before. With the birthdays...I bought a ton of birthday cards in boxes and then addressed them all for the entire year. I found some month file sorters and put all the cards in month order. I didn't stamp them yet so I put the actually birth date where the stamp will go so that I know when the birthday really is and when to mail them out. I did not sign the cards in case I had something to special to say right before I send them out.

What happened was I became assigned to send out the birthday cards to all the MOPS moms in our group and I knew that I needed a system. What was fun is that I was able to include my own family and my girlfriends in the process. It is very freeing to have it all done for the whole year.

Anyway, on the knowing that you are just do know don't you. If you have to wonder if you are or aren't it is true, you probably aren't :)!

Anyway, thanks for sharing your list with us! I am glad you had a good birthday and that you will also have a great year too!

Sharon 9:37 AM  

Happy belated birthday Jana. :) Love the blog and good luck with the BFL!

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