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A quiz

Just so we can all know whether or not we are introverts or extroverts I am going to copy the quiz right out of the book... It is on pages 30-33 (I feel I should cite this somehow, but since I haven't been in school for so long I don't remember how... I will put the entire thing in quotes since it is not my own original words or thoughts). I will include my answers in italics next to the questions and will put my description in bold.

"Answer the following questions T or F, then add up your True answers and check the scoring at the end of the list to see if you're an introvert, fall in the middle of the continuum, or are an extrovert.

__ When I need to rest, I prefer to spend time alone or with one or two close people rather than with a group. true
__ When I work on projects, I like to have larger uninterrupted time periods rather than smaller chunks. True
__ I sometimes rehearse things before speaking, occasionally writing notes for myself. True
__ In general, I like to listen more than I like to talk. True
__ People sometimes think I'm quiet, mysterious, aloof, or calm. True for some of those - have been called some nasty things based on this one.
__ I like to share special occasions with just one person or a few close friends, rather than have big celebrations. True - although I enjoyed my birthday party that someone else planned:)
__ I usually need to think before I respond or speak. True
__ I tend to notice details many people don't see. True
__ If two people have just had a fight, I feel the tension in the air. True true true!
__ If I say I will do something, I almost always do it. True
__ I feel anxious if I have a deadline or pressure to finish a project. False
__ I can "zone out" if too much is going on. False
__ I like to watch an activity for a while before I decide to join it. True
__ I form lasting relationships. True
__ I don't like to interrupt others; I don't like to be interrupted. True
__ When I take in lots of information, it takes me awhile to sort it out. True, true, true - you should have been around while I was trying to figure out who to vote for in our local - Homer Glen - elections.
__ I don't like overstimulating environments. I can't imagine why folks want to go to horror movies or go on roller coasters. True to the first part, not the second... so I'll say true
__ I sometimes have strong reactions to smells, tastes, foods, weather , noises, etc. False
__ I am creative and/or imaginative. False
__ I feel drained after social situations, even when I enjoy myself. True
__ I prefer to be introduced rather than to introduce others. False
__ I can become grouchy if I'm around people or activities too long. True
__ I often feel uncomfortable in new surroundings. False
__ I like people to come to my home, but I don't like them to stay too long. True (she says with a bit of embarrassment for the people who are reading this that may come to her house;)
__ I often dread returning phone calls. TRUE
__ I find my mind sometimes goes blank when I meet people or when I am asked to speak unexpectedly. False
__ I don't think of casual acquaintances as friends. True
__ I feel as if I can't show other people my work or ideas until they are fully formulated. True - the exact reason why I don't blog about political, religious or philosophical things - its not that I don't think about them, I just don't feel comfortable putting my thoughts out there until they are complete.
__ Other people may surprise me by thinking I am smarter than I think I am. True - although I think I'm brilliant, so not many people think I'm smarter than I think I am ;)

Add up the number of Trues. T hen read the following to see where you fall. (I had 21 trues).

20-29 True: Pretty darn introverted. As a result, it is extremely important for you to understand how to keep your energy flowing and how your brain processes information. You relate to life through your ideas, impressions, hopes, and values. You are not at the mercy of your external environment.

10-19 True: Somewhere in the middle. Like being ambidextrous, you are both introverted and extroverted. You may feel torn between needing to be alone and wanting to be out and about. So its very helpful to notice when and how you consistently feel more energized. You judge yourself by your own thoughts and feelings and by the standards of other people. This gives you a broad view, but at times you may get caught up in seeing both sides of a situation and not know where you stand. It is important to learn to assess your temperament so you can maintain your energy and balance.

1-9 True: You are more extroverted. You judge yourself in the light of the values and reality of others. You work within the bounds of what exists to bring about change. As you reach midlife and your body slows down, you may surprise yourself by wanting to take a break from socializing or needing time to yourself and then not knowing what to do. You can develop techniques to help yourself remember what is best for you to do when you need solitude. To do this you will have to balance your extroverting skills by learning more introverting skills."

So there you have it - the quiz. I am more introverted than I realized - when I first took the test about a month ago I didn't actually add up my score - I just nodded my head with the questions like, "Oh my, yes - totally - doesn't everyone feel that way?" I'm going to ask Cornbread to take the quiz, too - I'm curious to find out where he falls.

QOTD: What was your score? Does the description fit you? Were you surprised by the results?

Please leave a comment regarding your results - even if it is just to say that you are an introvert or an extrovert - and leave it anonymous if you'd like. Lets see if there is a 3 to 1 ratio of extroverted vs. introverted blog readers.


Anonymous 11:35 AM  

Jeanene said:

I only had one false!!! These describe me to a T. I am definitely an introvert, but I knew that already.

I am just like you said in your last entry....I can stay home all week, going out only when I HAVE to and I would be just fine with it. Just the thought of getting coats, shoes, etc. on four kids and getting them all in car seats makes my stomach turn. My BFWW is my complete oposite. If she sits for five minutes she goes absolutely nuts. I look forward to school being over, she dreads it. Funny how people can be so opposite.

amanda 1:57 PM  

I had 9 true. Definitely an extrovert. :)

April 6:03 PM  

Because Minsan and I have been so social over all the past years, I had no idea that I was such an introvert! I SCORED A 23! I don't think I have always been this way, but I am definitely now! Crazy! I feel like you Jeanene about the loading up the kids. The one that I was not sure about a true or false answer is the "I like people to come to my home, but I don't want them to stay long." That one totally depends on who is there and if we are really fellowshipping or if it is just a surface visit AND if my house is in order. When it is out of order, I can't relax and enjoy the visit. I want to fellowship too and have a hard time enjoying myself when it isn't deeper than the surface stuff. I just can't beleive that according to this that I am official introvert and didn't know that. Thanks for putting this out here for me. I really should consider reading your book, it will really help me undertand myself better!

i am not 8:02 AM  

cornbread scored a 14 - right smack in the middle

heidi jo 10:10 AM  

I'm more introverted than I used to be - motherhood and my hubby rubbing off on me I suppose. :) I am a 19 - in the middle. THIS really rang true for me:

"...but at times you may get caught up in seeing both sides of a situation and not know where you stand."

It can also be called "Paralysis of Analysis," where you over-analyze and choose nothing. :)

April 11:31 AM  

It was funny because whenever I have been committed to projects that are outside of my home, I go to them, but I always look forward to them being all done.

What has been sweet this winter was that during a break I am taking from all the things I had been involved with I have had times where we were planning gatherings or going to things that involved lots of people. In my heart I just didn't feel ready for it, but my husband and the others still wanted things to go forward. The really cool thing is that I didn't complain, BUT every single planned event ended up being cancled this winter because of weather or illness. Honestly, it was all about the Lord blessing me. It is very selfish I know, but I really just didn't want to do any of the many things planned, and the Lord knew it and he blessed me :). BUT, it is also giving me a chance to see why I dread some of it and give me a chance to be more choosy about what we do or don't do. This topic has really helped me with some of that understanding. Thanks Jana!

Mommy Brain 3:41 PM  

9 T, 20 F
This rang true for me, "as you get older you may find yourself needing time to get away and then not know what to do with yourself." Oh, how true that is!

Kristy 4:45 PM  

I scored a 22.

"You relate to life through your ideas, impressions, hopes, and values. You are not at the mercy of your external environment"

I agree :)

Heaven Sent 12:06 PM  

I got 16, so I am in the middle. That's pretty much what I would have guessed! The both sides thing hit home for me too... very true!

Anonymous 7:06 AM  

Jill said:

I scored 21. Doesn't surprise me at all!! :)

JCarey 4:17 AM  


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