Monday, February 06, 2006

Our New Pets (2/6/06)

My mom and dad bought the girls a gigantic fish tank for christmas. We finally got it this weekend and we set it up yesterday. It is beautiful. We went to PetsMart yesterday afternoon to buy plants and stuff and came home with 5 goldfish. The guy did NOT want to sell us any fish because we had just set the tank up that afternoon and he said we'd definitely have floaters in the morning. No matter how hard you try, you are not convincing a 4 year old that she can't put fish in her new fish tank, so we bought some feeder fish - 12 cents each. Can't get much better than that! They are named, Frankie, Ashton, Barney, Elfis and Sarah and they are the best pets ever. No barking. No scratching at the door. No rubbing their bums on the carpet. No vomitting on the white carpet. No stealing food off of the table. No bringing random dishes and wrappers into the front room as a welcome for the visitors. None of that. They just swim peacefully and gracefully through the nice plastic plants that we gave them. They don't even eat their food (they must be dutch and they're saving it for when they really need it). And to top it all off they were still alive this morning - ALL 5! I should bring them back to PetsMart and show the guy how our fabulous fish lasted through the night in our brand new aquarium. A forced resignation is in order for the guy who doesn't know what he's talking about... floaters, what does he know? He has NO faith in the 12 cent fish.
I think we'll have to trade Barkley for some more fish.


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