Thursday, September 20, 2007

Apparently its too much to ask...

to have ONE place where I can put stuff and little hands won't get into it somehow.


Anonymous 1:27 PM  

I have decided that it must be too much to ask, because I have yet to find that perfect place!

Heaven Sent 1:00 PM  

It is definitely too much to ask. If there is one thing in a room that can't be touched, Emma finds it. Forget the toys that have taken over my house. No, these are invisible, while anything else apparently has a blinking light that says, "You MUST touch me!"

Missy Eagen 2:21 PM  

I put a lock on my bedroom door...

Carol 6:58 AM  

it's above the refrigerator, until they figure out to just pull a chair over, get on the counter, and then it's theirs too. I thought it was in my underwear drawer, but they found that, too! Maybe where you keep the extra rolls of toilet paper? My boys -- all four of them (husband incl.) -- doesn't seem to know that place exists!

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