Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Is it just me?

This ALWAYS happens to me:

"I have 10 minutes. I'll just sit down and check a few things on the computer. Then I have to fold the laundry, curl my hair, do the girls' hair, get lunch ready."

45 minutes later I only have time to get lunch ready and hopefully do the girls' hair.

What is my problem???


kkoois 11:59 AM  

it's called escapism and it's a beautiful wonderful thing.

Carol 7:15 PM  

many mornings I say to myself I'm going to my office to journal and/or devotions... 2 hours later I've checked many-a-email and read many-a-blog, but nothing written in my journal, no Bible reading done, and my only prayer might be "God, you'll forgive me, right? there's always tomorrow!" NO, IT'S NOT JUST YOU!

amanda 12:22 PM  

It's the internet VACUUM, and it's sucking us in!!!!!!!

Heaven Sent 2:12 PM  

I am the same way. Naptime is a whopping 2-3 hours, yet I feel like I get nothing done. If you ask me, 10 minutes translates into 1 second in Mommy time.

Jen 9:40 PM  

Huh? Time? What did I get on this computer to do? Oh yeah. Payroll!

Mommy Brain 9:38 AM  

What time is it now? Have I cleaned up the breakfast dishes, taken a shower, worked out, gotten out of my PJ's?

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