Thursday, September 06, 2007

When it rains it pours

And at my house right now, it is raining tomatos.


Last night I braved the mosquitos (holy crap there are a lot of them) and picked some more ripe tomatos. I came in with 3 cups of cherry/grape and about 20 sandwich sized tomatos - two days after I had picked the same amount on Monday!

Because I'm a good neighbor and friend - and because I don't want them to all rot at my house - I have become the tomato fairy, dropping by unexpectedly to my next door neighbor's house to beg her to take some off of my handsShe is a good friend and always takes half. (Or sometimes (read: most of the time) I'm a really good friend and I just leave them on her patio table without telling her so she can't refuse).

But good glory, I've been eating tomatos for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and I still have a plethora.

Unfortunately my plans to become salsa have not come to fruition because said crop has completely taken over any and all pepper plants. I have gotten a couple of peppers, but not as many as I had hoped after planting 8 plants. Stupid tomatos:)

Over the weekend we will be working hard to construct a roadside stand. I know what you're thinking - Its all about location, right? And my location would not be good for a roadside vegetable stand. I know - you're right... so come to my house and get some for free then already. Please - I love the color red, but I'm turning into a tomato and thats just not working for me.


Missy Eagen 4:57 PM  

ROFL!!!!!!! That is the EXACT same post I could write, even with the green peppers, I have these monster tomato plants and have eaten tomatoes so much so that I've given myself awful tummy issues but not ONE green pepper, I have a green pepper plant that grew but didn't produce. Oh well, now we know and next year I will have peppers.

Jen 5:53 PM  

Hack 'em up in the crock pot with some onions, peppers, and garlic. Add one small can tomato paste and a bit of sugar. Cook on low all day. Cool off to room temp and put into freezer bags. Freeze forever. You now have stewed tomatoes.

Amy 9:01 PM  

We're having the same thing. We've been picking tomatoes daily and putting them in every dish. I have to make a bunch of soup this weekend for a church event and will be throwing tomatoes in the soups. I am glad Hailey likes eating them as a snack. We'll be having the same problem soon with pumpkins.

Did you bring any over to my parent's house? My dad loves fresh tomatoes. I think they were going to try to do tomato plants too, but don't know they ever got around to do it.

Heaven Sent 2:00 PM  

I love tomatoes and just got a batch from my mom-in-law. At least you know you've got a knack for gardening. I can't even keep house plants alive!

BTW, I happen to think you look very nice in red! ;)

Carol 10:36 PM  

mmmmm! tomatoes are yummy! love it that you predicted the state of tomatoe-ness that you'd be in by the time school started.

Mommy Brain 8:40 AM  

You will be kicking yourself in December when you have to pay $2.99 a lb!

i am not 9:03 AM  

LOL! Mommy Brain! Gramps told me, though, that before the first frost I need to take all of the green ones off of the plants and put them between two layers of paper grocery bags in my basement. I'll have fresh (free) tomatos all winter.

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