Friday, September 08, 2006

My favorite dessert is cheesecake

Dear Cheesecake,

I have had a love affair with you for many years. Ever since I took my first bite and had those hearts floating in my eyes and around my head like you see on cartoons because you were so delicious, I have been in love. My husband knows and he doesn't care. I can leave him for you and he will understand.

Oh luscious, creamy, dreamy cheesecake. I love you when you are covered in chocolate sauce. I love you when you are covered in caramel sauce. Oh cheesecake, I love you when you are plain.

When did you decide to dress yourself in graham cracker crumbs? You were perfect as you were, but oh how much more perfect are you with graham cracker crumbs!

There are people that try to make you better. They add little things like raspberry & white chocolate, pumpkin swirls, turtle fixings, chocolate chips, oreo cookies, a caramel layer on the bottom. Those things are quite tasty and I enjoy them, but I do love you just the way you are. I will take you in any form as long as you are baked and not soupy (bad Eli's - bad, bad Eli's).

I miss you cheesecake. Why, oh why must you be so full of it? Sugar. Fat. Calories. You alone are preventing me from having you when I want you. You are inherently bad for me, but oh so good for me.

I will have you again one day soon. When I am tiny again I will celebrate with a mile high piece of you with chocolate and caramel sauce and perhaps a bit of whipped cream and a sprig of mint.

Mmmm. Cheesecake - my forbidden love. QOTD:
What is your favorite dessert? And what is your favorite cheesecake? And are you drooling? I am.

getting to know me in 100 days - day 12


kkoois 9:23 AM  

HA!! you're funny.

i love cheesecake, too with strawberries on top. but, my favorite dessert is tiramisu. mmm...tiramisu...

and yes, i'm drooling, but not because of the's a personal problem.

JD 10:44 AM  

BFWW - Next time you're in town - or maybe for Thanksgiving I will make Tiramisu Cheesecake. Yes you read that right - we can combine our favorites and have a nice binge:) Mmmmmm. Tiramisu Cheesecake:) Forgot about that one.

Amanda 12:06 PM  

My favorite dessert is Snickers...and I just so happen to have received one in the mail today!!! *gasp* 1 Postpartum mama + 1 Snickers bar = aaaaahhhhh!!! Thanks!!! :)

Heaven Sent 1:29 PM  

Brownies. Must have brownies. Oh, and Starbucks: Grande Iced Soy Caramel Macchiato thank you very much. But then again, I don't consider that's breakfast! :)

Mommy Brain 1:45 PM  

Take your brownies make them into a pie and then serve them warm with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Can't get better than that!

Missy 2:54 PM  

oh good grief why did I read this.!!! I have to count points for the day!

Jen 9:38 PM  

chocolate chipatos. yummo. and Grandma's Apple Pie warm with ice cream.

one hot momma 10:42 PM  

TRAVERSO'S CHEESECAKE...bring back memories anyone?

Carol 1:41 AM  

Your love letter is great! ROFL! My favorite dessert -- moosetracks icecream or Tollhouse pie from Bakers Square (don't know if that pie is even still around, but it used to be when I waitressed there!).

Tim 10:04 AM  

D Q blizzers.. Darn you I am counting points.

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