Friday, April 25, 2008

A Year of Decluttering

I'm on a quest - I'm taking this year to declutter my house and my mind.

Yesterday, I started in the furthest corner of my home... the master bathroom. It was a giant mess - the counter is simply too big and ends up being a catch-all in our bedroom. So the mission for today was to clean it up, clear it out, and get rid of more stuff - either give it away, recycle or trash it.

In the shower:

I have two bottles of shower gel and one jar of salt scrub. I am committing to myself to finish all three of those before I buy anything new. Everything else in the shower is fine. And yes, I play with Polly Pockets while I'm in the shower.


BEFORE - note the towels exploding out of the cabinet beneath the sink on the left side of the photo. Everything else is random stuff that needed to be trashed, put away or given away.

Gave away: 5 towels, baby bathtub/foot stool (was under the towels), baby monitors (in the cabinets on the right side of photo).

Trashed: 2 towels, bottle of mouth wash (dumped it out and recycled the bottle), some empty bottles, misc. garbage that had collected on the counter (receipts, clothing tags, etc.)


Everything looks good in there - it feels much cleaner and less crowded. I put away a lot of stuff that had been piling up waiting to be put in its proper place and also put out some stuff that was hidden in the cabinets.

Ahhhhh. Feels good:) Its a start.


April 5:39 PM  

That looks amazing Jana! I am impressed with your diligence to go forward and conquer this space!

Mommy Brain 9:14 AM  

Great job! If you get really good at this maybe I could hire you to do my house.

heidi jo 9:23 AM  

i am SOOO totally (like, totally) ;) PROUD OF YOU! GREAT WORK SISTER!!!! i need to do the SAME thing!!!! starting with using up what is there before buying new... WHY IS THAT SO HARD??? :)

Heaven Sent 11:34 PM  

A great start. Doesn't it feel good?! Now that our house is for sale, we "decluttered" as well, although for us that just meant packing things in plastic tubs and dumping them in my parents' basement.

So while I am enjoying the extra closet space right now, the voice inside my head reminds me we actually have a long way to go!

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