Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bedside Tables

Another piece of the home has been successfully decluttered - Dave's and my bedside tables. Granted, I did not tackle a major project, but it is one more thing to check off.

I didn't take pictures because it wasn't very dramatic...

Each table has 2 drawers and a "counter" or whatever you want to call the top of it that tends to collect the crap that we're doing (okay, just me - Dave is pretty good about keeping his clear, so I like to clutter it up from time to time:)

Put away (in its proper place): several books that were both of our drawers - put away in the bookcases in the family room, a couch pillow that had magically appeared in our bedroom, an extension cord, some random photos, a pajama shirt and 2 bras, a bandana.

Thrown away: leftover sunday tribune crossword puzzles that I will never solve, a box of condoms (did I really say that? yes. I thought about putting them on freecycle, but I was too embarassed - so I post it on the WWW instead), some random garbage/papers that ended up in our drawers, a couple of fabric belts that will never be worn, a ring box, a couple of empty boxesl, two folders of life insurance continuing education materials that Dave hasn't touched in 2 years.

Given away: cufflinks and a money clip, a pair of slippers, a baby do-rag.

Our drawers are now almost empty. I kept a couple of books in mine, a box of misc. greeting cards, an envelope of memories from college, and my camera case. I kept a new wallet, some handkerchiefs, the cord to our queen sized electric blanket and our ski goggles in Dave's (I should find a better place for them, but until I do, I know exactly where they are).

I also dusted and cleaned all of my bedroom furniture.

Next up: Dave's armoir & my dresser.

And for the record, my bathroom counter from last week still looks like the after picture!!!


Carol 6:19 PM  

That's so cool! And you threw the box of condoms away because you're trying to get pregnant??? (I've thrown them away because they've expired...sad, but true!) When I declutter, I tend to get mostly done with the project and then it comes to a halt. I decluttered my office months ago... cleared on one two-drawer filing cabinet, but it is still here in my office and I've been meaning to take it down to the storage closet. Maybe I should just give it away... or throw it away, huh?

Carol 6:19 PM  
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