Saturday, May 10, 2008

Armoir & Dresser

I know, dear reader, that these posts are not much more than yawn-worthy... Its not very exciting to read about my decluttering, unless it is uberdramatic. However, I hope that as I go along this may be more about a different journey than the one of clearing out stuff. Maybe it won't. Hmmm.

Thursday night Cornbread and I went to see our favorite high schoolers perform in Fiddler On The Roof (aside: I have never seen that play and it was fantastic!). Since we were gone all evening I missed every single one of my favorite tv shows... Grey's Anatomy, LOST, ER, Survivor (is this not the best season ever?), and The Office. Friday afternoon I had a lot of catching up to do, so I tackled Cornbread's armoir and my dresser.

It is important to note that I ruthlessly went through my dresser and our closets a couple of months ago, so there wasn't much to get rid of. However, I hadn't touched Cornbread's armoir in several years so yesterday was the day.

The armoir has 5 small drawers, one large drawer and 3 shelves inside. I did not go through the inside shelves as those are items he needs to sort through. I left much of what was in the smaller drawers, however, I felt he no longer needed 3 pairs of super heavy socks (for skiing??? We haven't skiied since 2000), and 4 swimsuits. The large drawer has been our catch-all for random tshirts that we use for working out. I am amazed at how many tshirts two people can collect in 6 years (since we moved in)! So the large drawer is where I spent most of my energy.

Gave away: 17 tshirts, 4 pairs of shorts, 1 men's swimsuit, several pairs of dark dress socks, 3-4 pairs of super thick, heavy socks.

Threw away: 13 tshirts (all had paint on them, hence thrown away and not given away), 3 pairs of shorts, several single socks, a pair of holey sweatpants.

The large drawer is now very organized and probably has 15 shirts in it (have't counted). I didn't keep any workout tshirts for myself since I have other workout clothes, however, I kept two tshirts that I kind of struggled with. One is my Honduras mission trip tshirt that everyone on the trip signed and wrote notes on. The other is my cast tshirt from the play I was in my senior year of high school - again, everyone signed and wrote notes on it. I struggled with keeping these because they're useless - I will never wear them, I had forgotten I had them, and the writing is faded. I just had a hard time getting rid of them. I need to decide to either toss them or put them in a memory box in the crawl space. Over the next few days I will get them out and try to read the notes, spend some time with the memories and decide what to do with them.

I looked through my dresser drawers and found nothing to get rid of. I have a hard time keeping painting clothes, however, I paint enough that it is worth keeping them so I don't ruin my other clothes.

Next up: Nora's & Ryann's closets and dressers.


Anonymous 1:53 PM  

when others get inspired to declutter it helps me to move along in that journey too. :) thanks for the motivation - I NEED IT!

maybe you can get those tshirts put in the box...OR you could take a picture and then type out what the notes say here in your blog and post with the pictures. :) digital space is much less cluttery in a house... though i admit to having to extend my hard drive as regularly as i have storage boxes! both could use a cleaning out i guess. :)

heidi jo

Mommy Brain 7:43 PM  

I'm laughing that you named these posts yawn...I'm yawning...but I'm still impressed...good job!

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