Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Birthday celebrations redeux

All of our family lives out of state. For this reason, our girls' birthdays are often celebrated several times... Our family - Cornbread, the girls and I - celebrate on the day of the birthday, but we usually have to wait to celebrate with Cornbread's family until they're in town (they live in Virginia) and then we celebrate with my family during the summer at a big combined grandchild birthday picnic.

Papa and Nana were in town over the weekend and we had our celebration for Ryann's birthday on Sunday afternoon and evening.

After doing some yardwork and eating lunch, we had cake and opened gifts...

I am pleased to announce that I am the next Ace of Cakes;)

Ryann was struggling with some kind of illness over the weekend. Not sure what it was - fine during the day, but started dragging as we went through the afternoon and evening. Just before we did cake and presents she had a fever, which is why she doesn't look too thrilled about opening presents (tylenol was just kicking in).

Woofy loves to rip up wrapping paper - here he is lurking and trying to steal some.

Singing Happy Birthday - never sure about being in the spotlight and being slightly under the weather doesn't help:) As much as I've begged her to stay 3, I did actually put 4 candles on the cake - one is hidden behind another.
I opted to have cutie donut instead of cake - not sure why anyone wouldn't:)
Later that evening we all went to a Kane County Cougars game and enjoyed the nice weather and the cheaper than major league baseball seats & treats. We were all exhausted afterward, but we had a wonderful day!


Doni Brinkman 2:49 PM  

Oooohhh what a beautiful cake Jana! I took a cake decorating class and was actually pretty decent at it but turns out, Jim HATES cakes and I lost my motivation after that.

heidi jo 11:26 PM  

DEFINITELY a BEAUTIFUL cake! LOVE IT! well done... i'd like to learn one day actually. looks fun. :)

JCarey 8:23 AM  

Great cake! Kane County is a fantastic family day activity. Don't think I will have much luck getting the teens to go anymore though:(

one hot momma 12:09 AM  

you DID NOT make that did you??? Wow...you're my hero! I can never get the stupid thing out of the pan! Costco has some great cakes!
Great Job!

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