Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Pox and, well, who knows?

Tuesday afternoon Ryann came home with a note from school saying that her class had been exposed to the chicken pox. Symptoms were listed as:
* cold like symtoms - runny nose and low fever (remember - fever on Sunday? she's also had a runny nose for the last couple of days)
* loss of appetite (she hardly ate anything all weekend - even at the ballpark)
* spots that look like pimples

She also came home with a spot that looked like a pimple.

Nice. I contacted the director and she seemed to think that if Ryann had it, it would be awfully soon since the incubation period is 10-20 days and she had been exposed just the previous week. We decided that I would watch and see.

By Tuesday night she had several more red spots on her face - none of them were pussy like the stuff I was reading said to watch out for, though. Yesterday morning she had a few more spots on her face - still not pussy, though. No red spots on her trunk, however, her whole torso was covered in raised bumps - almost like permanent goose bumps... not red, just tiny little bumps.

I took her to the doctor yesterday afternoon. She was diagnosed with double ear infections and an atypical case of chicken pox. She had the first vaccination, but has not had the booster yet. Because she has been vaccinated, she will have a very mild case and it is atypical in presentation, according to Dr. Hottie. I'm not sure he was entirely convinced, either, because he mentioned it wasn't a long enough incubation period, the spots weren't really large enough and didn't look like chicken pox. Then he saw the one on her upper lip and I think that is what convinced him (this one was pussy and looked like an infected pimple).

This picture doesn't really show the spots very well and she was in no mood to let me take more:)

So Ryann is quarentined until everything scabs over. I'm hoping this is as bad as it gets because she feels just fine - the spots don't itch or hurt - and is going to have a tough time watching her sister play with the boys next door and not be allowed to go out herself.

Now we just wait and pray that Georgia doesn't break out. Nora has had the initial vaccination and the boster, so her chances of getting them are very, very slim.

In other news... I am miserably sick, too. Tuesday night I started with a sore throat. It kept waking me up all night. I still have it and it is worse right now - I feel like my uvula (that little dohicky that hangs in the back of your mouth) is swollen. Yesterday morning I got the fever aches - you know, the aches that just sit in your joints and make you uncomfortable? For me it is my lower back, my knees and my wrists. No fever, though. And a dull, lingering head ache.

All I feel like eating is ice cream, oatmeal, tomato soup and coffee. Everything else sounds like torture on my throat. And all I feel like doing is laying on the couch and watching tv - but since Ryann and I are sick, the tv is forever stuck on cartoons - ugh.

I guess I can look forward to a full day of Dragon Tales, Sesame Street and Barney. How exicting is that?


Amy 3:13 PM  

I'm so sorry you are dealing with illnesses. Was the same story around here for the past few and on. So frustrating. Got sick of PBS kids too. Thankfully Hailey showed some interest in the Discovery Channel.

amanda 1:16 PM  

LOVE the new layout, Jana!!! So cute!

one hot momma 12:07 AM  

Hey Jana! Love the new look! I had the same symptoms you're having, after the aches, chills, headache and serrated knife running through my throat, it went into this terrible cough...up all night think you're going to projectile your lung kind of cough...after 3 nights of the cough, I finally broke down and called the doctor...I gladly took a strep she gave me azrythromician (the Z pack!) Two the first night and one the next morning and by the end of day 2 I was feeling so much better! Hope you're feeling better by now, but if you're might want to give the doc a call!
Hope everyone is healthy by now!

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