Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The hunter simply barks

Its been raining over here. Like on and off for the last several days. Thunderstorms. Lightening. Flooding our backyard. Tornados to the SE of us.

This morning I went out in the backyard to find out how my tomato, strawberry & pepper plants made it through last night's storm. I took Woof outside with me and he surveyed the yard with me. At one point he took off running toward the back corner and I saw something run away from him to the corner behind the lilac bush. I couldn't figure out what it was... Woof barked. And barked. And barked in its little face. The thing hissed at him. And Woof kept barking.

I yelled for Woof to come in. I couldn't see what it was, but I saw a pointy snout & white - I was thinking that I was due for a tomato juice bath that afternoon and was trying my best to head that off. I yelled for Woof. I yelled for Cornbread. I'm sure I woke up the neighbors (although surprisingly I didn't wake up my kids).

Cornbread came rushing down and got Woof away from the bush so he could investigate. He found:

An opossum. Lets just say these things are cuter from a distance and when you can't see the tail;)

It was frightened and wouldn't move. It looked pretty small and scared. I just wanted it to climb a tree and go home:) We looked at it from all angles, I told Cornbread that I was going to throw rocks in the corner to try to flush it out and he scolded me...

Eventually, it emerged and walked along the length of the back fence to the other corner and disappeared. (Cornbread and Ryann said it was FAT and ugly).

Our Woof came in the house all proud of his hunting abilities. And I boldly reminded him that he did no hunting, he did no protecting, he just barked and wagged his tail. It is abundantly clear who we can count on in an emergency.


heidi jo 10:28 PM  

oh my goodness! i'm having flashbacks to the one we had in our yard in san antonio. sebastian (our mastiff mix) actually got it IN HIS MOUTH but dropped it when jas told him to (surprisingly). that thing played dead SO WELL that it really took me a while to figure out if he was or not. we were late to work because we couldn't leave until we could get rid of the thing so the dogs could go outside when we left. a cop came by and picked it up by its tail and it ran up a tree in the front yard. :) now i know first hand why they say, "playin' 'possom" :)

Mommy Brain 10:35 AM  

My mom and dad caught one in their rabbit trap last year...Christian tried to make it play dead but the thing just hissed at him...talk about an ugly creature...I'm sure God can see the beauty in it but I certainly had a hard time.

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