Wednesday, June 04, 2008

on the mend

First, I want to declare how much I love my new blog template. It makes me happy - very, very happy. And I often just visit my blog to see the lovely new look. Seriously, it makes me happy.

Last week totally sucked. Really - sucked:) Ryann had the atypical chicken pox that never developed into anything more than the few spots on her face. They never hurt or itched. She never seemed to be uncomfortable or even sick - but she had to stay inside and away from anyone else. Normally this would be fine, but...

I felt like I had been run over by a truck for most of last week. Sore throat started Tuesday night (which has been described perfectly by One Hot Momma as a "serrated knife running through my throat"). Wednesday the fever aches with no fever started along with a lingering headache. Thursday added the fun of light headedness and a wash of black every time I stood up. It was all wonderful and I didn't take a shower for two days and only got off of the couch if I had to. I watched soap operas because the tv I was watching didn't have cable - and I was completely clueless about any of it. I played mind-numbing computer games. I hoped that Ryann and Georgia were not cutting an arm off with a scissors that I thought I had put away but failed to (just a hypothetical example, of course), or starting the house on fire (a real possibility with an unsupervised Georgia). I denied that I had strep throat because I didn't have a fever.

Thursday night Cornbread brought me to the urgent care center where I was diagnosed with Strep Throat. So much for my uninformed, uneducated self-diagnosis. One dose of antibiotics later and I was feeling a little better. By Friday night I was feeling much better, but still tired.

In addition, Georgia began to complain of an earache on Thursday. But seriously, and I'm kind of embarassed to admit this... I simply did not have the energy, motivation or will to bring her to the doctor so I just hoped it would go away. Friday same thing. Saturday morning she complained that the other ear hurt so I called and got her an appointment with Dr. Hottie right away. I'm thinking - more ear infections. Dr. Hottie has been monitoring her for frequent ear infections and possible ear tubes for a while now and I wasn't looking forward to this conversation... but it was strep. So she was quarentined, too. Another set of antibiotics. And hope that they would put an end to the absolute, horrifying, never-ending screaming tantrums that had been ocurring over the previous couple of days.

So it is Wednesday and we are all on the mend. Ryann's chicken pox spots have been gone for a couple of days already. Georgia's tantrums have stopped. I am feeling better, but not quite 100% - what is the deal with this? I go to sleep around 10:30 and at 6:30 I feel like I have hardly slept. By 3pm I want to curl up and take a nap. Last night I had a sore throat again. And I have not missed a dose of my antibiotics. Mostly, I feel good - just really tired. When did I become so old?

I have so much to blog about... tomorrow begins our first attempt at potty training with Georgia, two weeks ago Cornbread and I went on a tour of haunted Chicago and I have pictures and stories, I'm reading a great book called, "Sex God" by Rob Bell, pictures of the girls etc. etc. Stay tuned - or at least visit just to brighten your day with my new template:)


Doni Brinkman 12:19 PM  

I like your new look too. Glad everyone has been improving and I feel for you because my house has been much like yours for 3 weeks now. I am staying tuned :).

heidi jo 12:29 PM  

the new look is lovely! very nice. :) SO GLAD YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY OUT OF THE SICKIES! ours weren't as severe, but we're on our way out too. :)

amanda 8:11 AM  

Ugh, the serrated knife feeling in the throat...been there, too!
I'm glad you guys are all getting better, but sorry it takes so long to feel good again! :(
And I DO check your blog daily to give my eyes a dose of loveliness. :)

Missy Eagen 10:36 AM  

love the new look :)

the throat thing.. .the sickies.... oh do I feel for you and with you, we've got the same kind of crap only with different names.

April 8:19 AM  

I love, love, love the new site look! I can completely see why you come out here and peek around. It would make me smile too!

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