Monday, June 09, 2008

Linen Closet

I did not intend to declutter my linen closet this soon... it was a few places down the list. However, Georgia and Ryann had great fun in completely emptying the closet of its contents the other day (the reason I don't have a before photo). Since EVERY sheet, blanket, towel & pillow case were on the hallway floor and half unfolded AND Purple Heart Veterans were coming today I decided this would be as good of a time as any to finally declutter this small space.

First I had to refold everything. Then make piles to give away. Here is a photo of what PHV picked up from our front step this morning:

This pile includes the tshirts and shorts that I decluttered from the armoir a couple of weeks ago, but it also includes the following from the linen closet: 1 twin comforter, 4 full sets of twin sheets (fitted, flat & pillow cases), 1 full set of king sheets, 1 king mattress pad, 1 Queen blanket.

I was going to also give away 2 more sets of twin sheets, 1 twin blanket & 2 twin mattress pads, but then I realized that a) Georgia will be moving to a twin bed sometime in the future and I could use one of each of those and b) since we're still in the years of possible bed wetting it would be good to have one or two extra on hand in case two kids have accidents on the same night.

I also kept: 1 Queen blanket, 1 set Queen flannel sheets, 2 sets Queen sheets (plus I have one on my bed - may be a bit excessive so I'm going to think about giving away one more set), 1 twin comforter (in case of vomit emergencies), 2 sets twin sheets, 2 twin blankets, 2 twin mattress pads, several pillow cases, 4 extra pillows. My closet now looks like this:

When I was in junior high or high school my mom taught me how to fold fitted sheets. Taking a look at that closet... I'm so happy she did:) Thanks mom!


Jen 8:11 PM  

I don't even have a linen closet! Yours looks nice !

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