Friday, January 16, 2009

sooooo bored

12 random thoughts for discussion:

1. I think this weekend is God's idea of a cruel joke... The temperatures are below zero - like 20 below - so school = cancelled yesterday and today, which results in a 5 day weekend. Okay, fine. But because it is so cold I can't bring the girls anywhere - or don't want to or have been asked by Dave not to, whatever. In addition, it looks BEAUTIFUL outside! The sun is shining. The snow is pristine and is a perfect blanket on our back yard. But its too cold to go out and play. Woofy is doing his best to dehydrate himself so he doesn't have to go potty... What is this?

2. The girls have virtually destroyed the house. If it wasn't in shambles before, it is now. Correction: GEORGIA has destroyed the house.

3. My mouth is killing me - on and off. Something has happened with the gums on my lower right side. If I eat - even if I keep it to the left side - the right side of my mouth starts hurting really badly. So I floss. Flossing relieves the pain eventually. But now my gums are so torn up and tender. Went to the dentist - he said there is no decay, no gum disease. He thinks it is stress and the economy (wacko). This has been going on since Monday.

4. Due to #3 I have officially placed myself on a soft foods/liquid diet. Last night I stocked up on slim fast, yogurt, and beer. That should get me through the weekend. A week from now I will officially weigh less than Nora... I'm not happy about this situation.

5. We were supposed to have free babysitting tonight so we could go out. We got a gift card to Longhorn Steakhouse (is that right?) and were going to use it. Figured it would be easy to get in and out if we went early and because of the weather. However, due to #3, I don't want to waste the giftcard so we're not going out and it doesn't make sense to bring the kids to our friends' who live 30 minutes away just so we can sit home by ourselves and eat Jimmy Johns (or yogurt and beer) and still have to bring them home to put them to bed. No other night this month works for free babysitting and Dave and I haven't been out by ourselves in a really long time.

6. The girls are playing bunny - and for some reason, Nora the bunny has been named Poopy so Ryann is running around the house calling for Poopy. This doesn't make me remotely happy. I hate that word... but I'm afraid that if I call attention to myself they will stop playing and start bugging me.

7. Friday Night Lights comes back on tonight. We are EXTREMELY excited about this! But we don't have a vcr or a dvr so we have to be in front of the tv at 8pm - another glitch in our free babysitting plans.

8. I've started counseling/therapy. While I wasn't thrilled about the way it came about, I'm actually enjoying it. Okay, I'll qualify that: I don't enjoy digging up crap and thinking about it and thinking about dealing with it in depth in the future, however, it is so fantastic to sit on a couch for an hour and talk - about myself - and not be interrupted and not have someone else's agenda subtley interjected into the conversation. EVERY stay at home mom needs to spend an hour a week in counseling.

9. Yesterday I spent a good deal of time trying to figure out what the essential pieces of a winter wardrobe would be. As in, what are the timeless, classic pieces that will not go out of style and can be built around. What are the pieces that you should spend a little extra on to get a higher quality item because it will last and won't go out of style. Right now my list includes: Black ribbed turtle neck sweater, white wrap sweater, colored sweater, good pair of black trousers, good pair of jeans, khakis, black boots and black loafers/shoes (i'm not going in the brown direction right now).

10. I have never been able to find a pair of jeans that fits me correctly. This is extremely frustrating. Apparently mainstream jean manufacturers do not cater to those of us with bigger hips/thighs and small waists. Every time I find a pair of jeans that fits me in the hips/thighs, I end up with a huge gap in the waist (like 2-4 inches). I'm so sick of it and I always feel frumpy because of it. It just sucks to wear something that doesn't fit quite right. I've been told over and over to try Lucky or Seven jeans, but I know those cost more than $100 and I just can't do it right now. Even though I've been told the investment is worth it, I just can't.

11. I'm taking a week off of exercising. Partly due to my gums, partly because my body justneeded a break. During Christmas break I had gotten up to 6 miles at a time, 3-4 times each week. After the new year, though, I've struggled to get to 3 miles. My next door neighbor, who is a runner and a former personal trainer, told me to take a week off. I'm a little worried about my momentum, but I have to say my body is enjoying the break. She wants me to run a half marathon this spring... I'm seriously considering it, but will decide next month after I get back on the treadmill. Its taken several months and a lot of hard work, but I finally feel like I might just be a runner.

12. My favorite beer is out right now: Full Moon by the makers of Blue Moon. Mmmmm. It is so good. I cannot wait to crack one open tonight while watching FNL. I love beer - good beer. I hate college crap beer, but I've gotten into beer in the last year and love it. More than wine. I'm kind of over wine. But beer... Full Moon. Sam Adams. Michelob (thats as cheap as I go). Mmmm. And Bailey's. Why is bailey's so expensive? We just ran out and I don't want to spend $20 on a new bottle. Mmmm. Bailey's;)


Mommy Brain 12:35 PM  


#1 I agree...I even went outside to clear the driveway just to get out of the house...but it was too dang cold.

#2 My house is destroyed too...and I'm just sitting here watching it happen...while I spend endless hours on the computer doing absolutly nothing!

#3 Sorry about your gums do that too sometimes...usually when I'm under stress.

#4 Liquid diet is good if it includes beer. Doug brews his own should come over and try some...wanna do lunch?

#5 Hot pationate sex may help your gums... Doug says that cures everything. Might even fix the economy..??

#8 Think I need to find a counselor...hmmm....I shared one with Doug for about 6 months but he wasn't mine...hmmm....

#10 If I could go without wearing pants I ass and thighs are tough to fit too. In fact, I can't even wear tall boots-which are my favorite-because my dang calfs are too big...dang it! Makes me want to say "poopy!"

Thanks again for the laugh and for making me feel like I'm not the only person in the world right now.


i am not 12:57 PM  

2 - We must be having the same day... spending the whole day on the computer doing nothing while the kids destroy everything. I've informed them that they will all be having quiet time this afternoon.

3 - really? stress? I honestly don't feel stressed, but i suppose there is a high level of stress/anxiety around here. i think the most stressful thing for me right now is my gums.

4 - is it good?

5 - i could give you my counselor's info if you're really interested

10 - i have the SAME problem with my calves. i'm kind of embarassed about it. i've never been able to do knee high boots, only ankle high

April 3:17 PM  

1. Crazy weather indeed! I kept leaving when it was cold and now I am home when it is warm....what am I thinking?!

2. A daily phenomenon and one I hate! Especially when I have left the house and need to pick dishes are still calling me!

3. I am so sorry that you have that pain. The other night I woke up with pain too and had to get up, rub some Clove Bud Essential Oil on it (it numbs like orajel) and popped some ibuprofen to make sure and back to bed.....I despise gum pain and sorry that yours keeps going!

4. What a bummer, bummer about a liquid diet! I pray this heals quickly!

5. No date night....YUCK!

8. I am glad you are enjoying the counseling. I look forward to more updates on it! I haven't been with a counseler since high school when I met with an alateen counselor. Thanks for being transparent about it!

10. I have had very similar troubles finding pants in the past and remember hitting up the guys section many, many a time to get the right size pants. I didn't have the tiny waste, I have the opposite problem where my waste and hips are similar. I find lots of pants that would fit you and I can't stand (well they have the wider hip and the tiny waste I want to die when I wear them!) I finally caved and tried on a pair of GAP jeans and was SHOCKED that they fit. I did pay the $60 for them but was completely offended when I handed them the money. I think if I ever find a less expensive pair of pants I should buy 10 pairs so I can be set for a while!

Good luck with your week off! It sounds good! I am starting on Monday with my exercise routine. Once I start it will be going on forever and ever, so I have dreaded starting it, but it is time and I can't keep putting it off!!! Your committment to the act of health is and has always been a source of encouragement to me! Thank you!

Amy 8:03 PM  

1. I honestly do not miss that weather. I think the weather bothers me so much less since we moved here. The rain gets to me in the fall and sometimes in June, but I don't mind it in the winter.

2. Georgia could probably give Derek some pointers how to destroy the house. It is his favorite thing to do.

3. Sorry to hear about your mouth! Is it any better???

5. Hope you guys can go out soon!

6. I accidently taught Hailey to say, "Crap" and Rob was slightly annoyed.

7. What did you think of Friday Night Lights?

8. Counseling is a good thing. I wish more people were open to it.

11. You should totally do the 1/2 marathon. If I lived closer, I would offer to do it with you!

Ginger 4:59 AM  

1) we had the -44F windchill weather last week, in fact school was closed Monday, delayed Tuesday and Wednesday, closed Thursday, delayed Friday. Youngest only had 1 day of school and it was not his snack day so I had 24 snacks just sitting there waiting to be eaten..Luckily I only do healthy snacks so I had no guilt helping the boys eat the apple sauce.
2) Youngest is very good and tornado duty..luckily oldest is good about picking up so THEY do not lose game time for messy house.
3 & 4) I have occasionally had mouth pain during time where I was not stressed and doen the soft foods, always a good way to not feel guilty about eating ice cream.
5) I am sorry about your date night not working out, especially with free babysitting.
6) The word around here is idiot..all came about from those annoying winter drivers that you see on the road and Hubby has to call them idiots..latest was Sunday when Hubby made us think we were locked out of our running car after snowtubing and Oldest called him an idiot for locking keys in YET AGAIN..of course he got in trouble but I had to laugh about it.
8) I have done counseling and I loved it, being able to say what I am feeling without fear of recrimination or someone taking it wrong? An awesome feeling.
10) I have the same problem, I went to Vanity since their pants are measurement ex}34-30's just like mens pants. My sister told me about them and the sale racks are great. Old navy actually has some pants that work well for me also..again sale/clearance racks cannot be beat.

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