Friday, January 23, 2009

Words On the Wall

My children are funny sometimes. But usually they are funny in a way that is only funny if you really know them. So when they say or do those kinds of things I post it on my friend, Doug's, facebook wall. Because really, other than me and Dave, Doug and Jenny and their boys are probably the only ones who really "get" what is said or done.

I was thinking, though, that it would probably be good for me to have them here, too, so I can keep record of them without having to search through Doug's wall. So I will be posting them over the next couple of days.


Originally posted on August 29, 2008

Ryann wants to know if she can have a tea party on her honeymoon.


Skooks 11:27 PM  

I don't know that I "get it" the same way they do, but it's still funny.

Brenda B 1:31 AM  

These are really funny!

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