Monday, February 02, 2009

Words On the Wall

Originally posted on January 5, 2009

When someone asked Nora what she would like for her birthday, she replied "I really, really, really want a magnifying glass." And like good parents we had not gotten her one. Dave went out and bought one tonight on the way home from work and brought it into our bedroom to show me. Ryann was told at least 5 times that she was not allowed to enter the room because she was not so good at keeping secrets. As I was wrapping it she walked in, looked at it and said, "You got Nora a magnifying glass for her birthday?" We told her that there was a gift for her from Great Grandma and if she told Nora anything about the magnifying glass then she would not be getting her gift tomorrow.

Nora walks in the room after we've given her the okay. You know where this is going:

R to N: "You are NOT getting a magnifying glass for your birthday."

After Nora left, I say: "Ryann, I thought we told you not to tell her about the magnifying glass."
R: "I told her she was NOT getting one." Duh.


Jen 3:25 PM  

Let's keep Ryann and Amelia apart forever. Those 2 do not need to be friends! :-)

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