Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Words On the Wall

Originally posted on January 22, 2009

Scene: Jana playing piano. R & G fightin over a toy right next to her. Out of the corner of her eye, Jana sees R grab the toy in G's hand, but G is not letting go. As Jana turns her head from her music she finds G is now in a headlock, courtesy of R.

J: Ryann! You cannot take things out of other peoples hands. You know that.
R: But I want Cinderella and she said I could play with her.
J: I understand, but just because YOU want something and she has it doesn't mean that you can just take it.

Jana goes back to playing piano. As she's doing so, G runs away with the toy. R, frustrated with G and her unsympathetic mom runs after her...

R: Do I have to pull your hair????!!



Marissa 12:28 PM  

Umm . . . can I just come hang out at your house sometime and watch. This sounds way better than TV.

Mommy Brain 11:01 AM  

I've got some tickets for Paul Young's talk at TCC on Feb 17...wanna come? They're free!

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