Thursday, February 26, 2009

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I am on a reading frenzy:) This is normal for me, but hasn't been for the last several months. I have finally made a concerted effort to find time to read stuff that is other than entertainment (which, by the way, I have been reading an AWESOME fiction series. Dave is ahead of me by a few books and we joke that we're both having an affair with the lead character.)

I usually have one non-fiction book going all the time, if not a few at a time. But lately - probably since school began and I've been babysitting - I haven't made an effort to read any non-fiction growth type books. I've come across a few that have peaked my interest and have found a new energy to make time for it... in addition to the fact that the baby has become much easier and much more predictable over the last month.

Tuesday night I decided to start getting up even earlier than I already do in order to fit some devotional reading/work time in. My girls get up between 7-7:30am... I was getting up at 6, working out and then shower and ready to get the morning routine going... it left me with NO alone time. Nick (the baby) is awake while the girls are at school, so on the days that he is here I get no time to myself. None. Not that I'm chained to everyone, but when the girls are awake or around I can't think about anything important - I can't concentrate. So Tuesday, (after having a mini meltdown in the morning) I decided to start getting up at 5am. Its brutal, but so far it has been worth it.

I've also made myself a monthly book schedule. This gives me a goal for finishing my books rather than having a million going at the same time.
February: Words Kids Need To Hear by David Staal
March: Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas
April: Designing a Woman's Life
May: Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas

I haven't gotten further in scheduling, but I do have more books to read. I kind of want to alternate between parenting, personal, and marriage related books. Right now my list is basically parenting so I need to find some of the others. Additional books on the list: The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give To My Children (something like that), Parenting: Going from Surviving to Thriving by Chuck Swindoll, Raising Self-Reliant Children in A Self-Indulgent World.

In addition to Words Kids Need to Hear, I just began a 40 day (coinciding with Lent) study with a group of online friends: The Love Dare. This book, apparently, is inspired by or written as a companion to the movie Fireproof (which we have not seen). Every day you are given a love dare - a challenge action that will show your love to your spouse. We are on day 2.

Day 1: Patience - Say nothing negative
Day 2: Kindness - Do an unexpected gesture of kindness

I am doing both days today since I didn't buy the book until last night. And I'm trying to do it for the girls as well as Dave. I'm kind of working through the no negative thing and trying to define that for myself (given Dave's and my propensity for discussions about current events). The challenge for me with the girls is the patience part:) As for day 2... I (unexpectedly) made Dave's lunch this morning and was rewarded with a kiss, a hug, and a sincere thank you.

It feels good to be intentional again. To be reading good stuff again. To be working on myself.


Missy Eagen 2:50 PM  

I too have thought a lot about reading- that is a good idea to have scheduled time. I tend to just try to pick up the book/books when I find a moment. It generally takes me forever to get though any one book and I really enjoy reading so I don't get that.
We saw the movie Fireproof- great movie- not so great acting but great message.

April 3:33 PM  

Glad I can be intentional about reading at least one of the books you are!!

Amy 3:42 PM  

You're not the only crazy one getting up at 5. I started getting up at 4:50 AM twice a week to go to a 5:15 weights class (which is packed btw...I'm not the only crazy one). The other days I feel like I have to get up by 5:30 AM. Today I slept in until 7:30 AM and I feel overtired and like a wreck. I never complain about "alone time" anymore because I get my morning time. I am NOT a morning person, but I decided I now have to be.

Anyway it sounds like you have a lot of good books going. You should check out "Getting the love you want" by Harville Hendrix, ph.D This book had a significant impact on Rob and I (we both read about four years apart from one another). Rob uses some of it in marriage counseling and it was one of the required reads for Marriage and Family class in Seminary. Soooo good. Can't say enough good about it.

I am trying to read more fiction too, but often don't know what to read. I often ask my friend who is in a book club what they are currently reading.

i am not 4:48 PM  

Amy - I'll check that book out. Is it like Love Languages?

As for fiction - what do you like? The Harry Potter series is awesome - I could hardly put them down at times. That is what got me back into fiction. Right now, Dave and I are reading the Prey series by John Sandford. They get better and better with each book. The main character is a police detective and each book is about a different cat and mouse game with a killer. Some are kind of gruesome and there is some sexual explicitness and foul language(although, as I recall neither were in the first book, got bad in the 2nd & 3rd and cleaned up after that). I'm on one right now that I can hardly put down from page 1. The first book is Rules of Prey.

Mommy Brain 1:18 PM  

June: He loves me, Learning to live in the Father's affection by Wayne Jacobsen

Oh, did I just add to your reading list? Sorry!

Amy 9:51 PM  

I've never read Love Languages. But Getting the Love You Want has a lot of pyschology in it. I will warn you it does make you look back at your childhood. Even though having a fairly normal childhood, it did bring some tough things back. I had some weird dreams. I kept a private journal while reading it which helped.

My favorite fiction books are Secret Life of Bees, Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood (I thought the movie was is good), The Memory Keeper's Daughter, Water For Elephants. If you want a strange read, try Life of Pi. It's my bff's favorite book, but I was more confused by it if anything. I'll have to check out that Prey series.

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