Friday, September 29, 2006

Random Randoms

Back to High School
Tonight I am going to Homecoming 2006 at Lockport Township High School. I am not an alumni of LTHS, but I'm going. I've even begged a freshman to bring me as his date to the dance tomorrow night, but for some reason he didn't take me up on the offer. I begged. Seriously. I'm hot - I think he forgot about that when he said No.

My high school did not have a football team at the time I was there (they started that several years after I graduated) so I've never been to a real homecoming. I've never seen a homecoming court during half time. I've never been a part of any of it.

So tonight I am going to go back to high school to pretend I'm one of them(with my 3 kids - because all high school girls have 3 children under the age of 4... I guess I'll be considered "one of those girls" who got pregnant before graduation) . I may even make a big scene about how Kaitlyn stole the crown from me - I definitely should be Homecoming Queen 2006, not quite sure how I lost that one...

Its going to be flippin cold tonight, I'll have to put 15 layers of clothing on my children, and I'll have to walk 1/2 a mile with 3 children by myself, but let me tell you - it will be well worth it to take part in my very first homecoming game.

And in case you're wondering, yes I'm planning to wear low rise, skin tight jeans, a thong, and just a tube top. Who cares about how cold it is - I have to be dressed to kill.

Go Lockport Porters!

Thursday is the best night ever
So I'm watching Grey's Anatomy this afternoon, thoroughly enjoying every minute of it and BAM! My Tivo stopped recording right after someone in a towel walked out of Addison's bathroom and McDreamy's face is shocked. WHAT???? What happened? Who was it? What else did I miss?

Help me out here!

ER made me cry again... kind of sick of crying every time I watch that show. However, Luca looks very much like Dr. Hottie, so I'm okay with it.

The Office rocked. I loved the fact that Jim walked into Dwight's room and decided that he had gotten a hooker. I also love that Michael Scott is basically a 5th grader.

Survivor - lets be honest, this was not the most suspenseful merge ever. In fact, there wasn't anything really exciting going on in this show last night. The most exciting thing was that they did my favorite immunity challenge ever. So far Survivor has been a big yawn for me (okay, well except last week when that guy thought that he and this girl had fallen in love at first sight).

Mullet or no?
I get my haircut tomorrow. Wish me luck! I'll definitely try to take before and after photos...


Jen 5:02 PM  

Let's go to CCHS's homecoming!!!!!! Maybe BFWW will be here and we can go as a big gaggle of girls!

Woo Hoo! I adore high school football. :-)

Anonymous 5:23 PM  

They are re=playing last nights Gray's anatomy tonight on ABC at 7pm.

Amanda 10:03 PM  

It was the guy Addison had the affair with...can't think of his name...McDreamy's best friend. My DVR stopped recording right then, also. I'm gonna have to start recording the show immediately after to see what happens if that does it again.
ER was a good one. I can't stop watching that show!

kkoois 10:39 AM  

you need to put a "spoilers warning" on posts like that! some of us started reading and hadn't watched our tivo'd shows yet!

Anonymous 10:55 AM  

I believe it was McSteamy. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

Anonymous 1:39 PM  

It was Mark--- Dereks former best friend... who Derek found Addison in bed with prompting his move to Seattle and who the residents nicknamed McSteamy...

Kary 10:42 PM  

ok. It's sunday and I'm dying to see your cute new "do". where are the pics?

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