Monday, September 25, 2006

I HAVE to show you something...

I am getting my haircut on Saturday. I am sick of my same ol' same ol' hair - longish, straight, does nothing, but I have to curl it hair. Sick of it. You know how that goes - you get sick of your hair and then you get obsessive about doing something different. Am I the only one? Okay, well I will remind you that I'm cool then.

Anyway, I was searching the web for pictures of new hairstyles. Trying desperately to find pictures of straight hair on a heart-shaped face - not much luck. But I did run across this website. For a minimal cost ($6.99) you can upload your own photo and "try on" many different hair styles. "PERFECT!" I thought and grabbed my camera to take some photos.

They ask you to take a picture of yourself in front of a white background, facing forward with your hair pulled back ("sunglasses on baby. I can see you... your 'something' shinin in the sun"- sorry, couldn't help myself, the last part of that sentence just ran into that song in my head. What song is that?).

So I did. And these pictures made me laugh pretty hard. Please disregard the phantom arm that is trying to kidnap me from behind the door as well as my unexplainable urge to show off my left breast;) I will tell you why they made me laugh - and you will get to know me a little bit better:

Photo 1: While posing for this picture I felt like I had a grin on my face. A smirk. A slight smile. Some amusement in my eyes - perhaps even a twinkle. And look how well that showed up on camera - you would think that I was giving one of the girls the evil eye or something:

Photo 2: While posing for this photo I thought the smile I had on my face was going to burst off of my face. Like if I smiled any bigger I would definitely look like the Joker and the picture would be ridiculously comical. I didn't think my cheeks could get any wider:

Boy if that isn't a true testiment to how unfriendly I look in real life - even when I'm trying to look friendly. I remember being a deskie in one of the dorms at Calvin and trying to look really friendly to the students when they walked in - hoping that they would stop by and talk to me and soon I would become the most popular deskie on campus. I guess I don't need to tell you that that never happened;)

Wow! How do I change that about me? Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm a happy person and that I laugh a lot - why don't I look like a happy, laugh-a-lot kind of person?


Melissa :) 9:14 AM  

Hahahaha very cute!!! You're funny too. One question though - what breast? ROFL!!!! xoxo

Friday, I am cutting my hair OFF!!! Four or five inches. Gone. Adios. Chow. See ya later. I have the nastiest, ugliest hair in the world! I swear I would shave my head if I could. :)

Jen 1:02 PM  

"Boys of Summer" by Don Henley

Her brown skin was shinin' in the sun.

I wanna see the different choices! Do we get to vote?!?!?

I was a deskie too and so wanted to be the coolest one on campus. So what did I do? Made a comment to an RA about something and then found out it was her brother. Not so much the coolest deskie anymore. Oops!

biermadoc 2:47 PM  

I knew you were short but your head only comes up to the doorknob? Did you know that if your hair were long enough you can donate it to "locks of love" for kids going thru chemo. I think you need ten inches.

Melissa :) 2:58 PM  

ROFL Biermadoc!! I didn't notice that! :)

Just wanted to make you feel better by telling you that I don't look like a "happy" person either. Spite the fact that I love to have fun & I love to laugh - I've noticed my mouth has a "natural" frown. I dunt like it. I'm not sure when it happened. Do they make a cream for that? ;)

Amanda 9:10 PM  

How long is your hair? I did the 'Locks of Love' thing once...had 14 inches cut off and donated it. And yes, that was a semi-hormonal-postpartum cut. Annaliese wasn't quite 6 months old yet. My hair was as long as the 'before' picture on my blog from the cut I just got. I went so short, people started calling me Paige Davis, the girl from Trading Spaces. Of course, I was about 60 lbs. lighter then, and could pull that cut off. Not so much anymore. :( I agree with Jen, we need to see the different choices you narrow it down to! :)

Missy 7:48 AM  

Loved that song back then..... LOL

I have to go back and check out the height issue, I missed it. I was to busy being jealous of you just having one chin? I really wish my host chin would GO AWAY!!!

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