Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I like bananas, but I do not like the flavor of banana

Am I weird? I understand - yes, that is a given, but am I the only one who is like this? Really?

Bananas... I used to hate them. I used to gag when I would try to eat one. Something about the texture just made me gag. And given the fact that I don't like the flavor of banana, I figured it all was a sign that I shouldn't eat bananas.

However, before I left for Honduras I decided that it might be essential for me to tolerate or perhaps even enjoy eating a banana, since they would be so plentiful while we were there (and I didn't know what else would be available). So I forced myself to start eating them. I taught myself to like them. And within days I found out that they were actually good - and they didn't taste like the flavor of banana.

I love bananas, but the best ones are the ones that are very slightly green. They aren't mushy, they aren't really ripe, but a little green. Although I will eat them when they are more ripe than that, but they are not nearly as enjoyable.

The other lesson I learned in my pursuit of banana enjoyment is that I need to peel the little strings left behind by the peel. Do you know what I'm talking about? The stringy fiber things that you see on the banana after you've peeled it. Those still make me gag. They just have a texture that bothers me.

Before I taught myself to like bananas, I found out that monkeys open them the opposite way as humans - they open them from what you would consider the bottom - the non-stem end. And so, since that is how the real banana eaters do it, that is how I began doing it... and I think people think I'm kind of strange for doing it that way, but really, do I care?

Banana flavor, though. Not a fan. Taffy, suckers, jelly beans... and that is about the extent of banana flavored items, isn't it? The flavoring just doesn't taste the same as the real thing. Its kind of artificial. Oh and gross.

What is your favorite fruit?

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mrseagen 10:18 AM  

Favorite fruit?? Well I like apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, pineapple, raspberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, really almost all of it... IF IT'S FRESH... love fresh fruit, mushy, canned ick :(

Jennifer 12:00 PM  

bananna icee's are awesome! Fav. fruit....all of them!

Mommy Brain 12:11 PM  

My favorite fruit would be Musk Melon, then grapes and strawberries but I LOVE Mango too! Really wish fruit was fresh all year long, don't you.

Jen 3:20 PM  

Strawberries. Yum.

Carol 3:22 PM  

I gag on bananas. It's a texture thing, but I also do not like the taste/flavor. But I do like banana bread. Yum! My favorite fruits are apples and nectarines, but enjoy a variety of them!

heidi jo 5:14 PM  

don't forget puddings and pie... i'm not crazy about it either! i HEAR YOU!

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