Monday, January 08, 2007

This (x2) cost me $9

(you can't really see it in the photo, but the stripes are red, green, yellow and orange)


Carol 9:30 PM  

nice! I like the stripes -- does it go well with your stripes? and the bandana pattern, very fun! I wanna put on a dew rag!

Jordan 4:13 AM  

They look awesome!

Mommy Brain 7:13 AM  

Cool! They look so fun now...not too it!

Amanda 7:28 AM  

Those look great!!! :)

Missy 2:55 PM  

who would have thought... she sews too... is that sewing? LOL

i am not 3:43 PM  

Shhhh. quiet - if you listen closely you'll hear it: Blasphemy! MISSY! I do NOT sew! Are you kidding me? I got a sewing machine for christmas one year and a year later I finally figured out how to thread the bobbin, but sadly that didn't lead to me knowing how to sew... You are giving me FAR too much credit!

Staple gun, my dear, staple gun!

Heaven Sent 8:54 PM  

Well done! The stripes are my fav. Where did you find these little gems??

melissa :) 10:58 AM  

I'm so impressed! Wanna come over? Bring your staple gun. :)

melissa :) 1:03 PM  

PS - bring your cards too. :)

Mommy Brain 4:27 PM  

Jana, I know you're out there...what's going on at home that has you so busy?

heidi jo 10:33 PM  

i love cool old chairs! very cool! i love seat cusions that allow for covering like this too. very very nice.

Janice 8:24 AM  

Jana, the chairs turned out great! Can't wait to see them Sunday!

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