Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Years Resolution #1 - no more whining

Just so you know - I'm done whining.

I totally realize that my life is good and that in comparison to many others' lives I have nothing to complain about.

I have a friend who recently had a big scare with her daughter - she had something to complain and whine about.

I have another friend who has a son Ryann's age who is basically in a medically induced coma because he is constantly having seizures. He is awake for maybe 2 hours a day, he is under constant monitoring, and his bloodwork is not clear enough for him to have brain surgery to treat the seizures. She has 5 other children, 2 of them have cystic fibrosis. She has something to complain about - I do not.

Sometimes I need a dose of perspective and my other blog gives me that... Everyday I have at least 3 things to be thankful for - at least 3. Sitting down every morning and thinking back through my previous day gives me much pleasure... some days the 3 things come very easily, some days I have to think for a long time. Ultimately, though, I smile while I recall the day before and I'm always able to come up with 3 (even if they're food related:)

Last night while all three girls were in the bathtub, Nora was pouring water over Georgia's head and every time she did it Georgia got this incredibly shocked look on her face and laughed. Nora giggled and giggled and giggled. I had the pleasure of sitting in the bathroom watching and listening to it happen. I have three little girls who are healthy, active and happy. I know that my friend wishes she could hear her son giggle.

Truthfully, we could have worse problems than having a car break down and not being able to afford another one. I go through bouts of obsessing about our financial situation. I hate that. And by the end of the day I have to realize that it isn't something I can fix on my own. I have to give it over to God - and I literally do. I pray and ask him to fix it. Most days I live in peace knowing that Dave and I made the right decision in this job change. I know this is where he is meant to be - I know. I can't explain it, but I know. But every so often the stress of it all comes crashing down on me and I mean crashing. The weight of it all is crushing and I'm not sure that I can get out from underneath it. I question. I cry. I ocassionally whine. Tuesday was definitely one of those days.

We're going to be okay. I have faith that we will be okay. We're going to have to suffer for a few more years, but in the end we'll be okay.

I'm done whining for now.

If you need perspective, I invite you to get some for yourself on my other blog. It really is an affirming, positive thing to do everyday. It helps me realize that my life is really, really good.

And if you have a moment, please pray for my friend Susie, her husband Ferris and her son Landen. Pray for healing for Landen, pray for clean bloodwork so that he can get his surgery. Pray for rest for Susie. And pray for hope. My God is a God of miracles and he can heal this boy. Please pray.


Missy 7:13 PM  

love ya! :)

Mommy Brain 10:01 PM  

You go girl! Will remember your friends in my prayers.

Carol 11:22 PM  


Heaven Sent 12:05 PM  

It's amazing how God puts things in perspective for us, isn't it. You've got a good attitude girl! I'll be praying for you guys and your friends. Have a great weekend!

melissa :) 10:09 PM  

AMEN!!! :)

Jordan 4:27 AM  

I've been similarly convicted.

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