Wednesday, January 31, 2007

If I were Queen of the world

If I were queen of the world (qotw) I think I would run things a little differently. I never will be queen of anything, let alone qotw so we don't have to worry, but a girl can dream.

If I were qotw I would make it mandatory that newly married couples spend one year not working, living together, being supported by the parents of the couple. The newlyweds could spend the entire year just living and breathing each other. Getting to know eachother on a level that we can't imagine.

If I were qotw I would make a law that people would not have to begin working until their kids are old enough to go to college. That way parents wouldn't have a choice - they would HAVE to spend time with their kids for 18 years. They wouldn't be caught up in their careers, their job stresses, their financial stresses, etc - they could wholely focus and concentrate on their kids. (btw - this is not an indictment against working moms and dads, just something that I wish could happen for our family). By the time your children are in college you would go to work to begin saving for the one year of married bliss that your newly married children will have - you will save your entire income for the 4 years that your first child is in college. After that first child graduates, you would then work to support your child, the spouse and eventually your grandchildren. Remember - YOUR parents did this for you, so its the least your could do for your children (their grandchildren).

If I were qotw I would make a law that grandparents MUST live near their grandchildren - even if their children move the grandchildren far away from them. The grandparents MUST pick up and move near the children and grandchildren. The grandparents will not live with the children, however, they will help out as much as possible without complaining - because remember, their parents did the same for them.

If I were qotw I would make a law that all children who are talking non-stop must go to school for 6 hours every day - with no exceptions. It doesn't matter what age the child begins to talk non-stop, they will go to school all day every day.

If I were qotw I would make a law that money is earned by how much positive impact you have on other peoples' lives, not based on how much money you can earn for other people. Teachers would make loads and loads of money. The CEO of an oil company would not.

If I were qotw I would make a law that fuzzy dogs were not allowed to sit on clean laundry.

If I were qotw I would make a law that every family in the world would have a personal chef who would not only cook, but menu plan, grocery shop, count calories, and be a nutritional guide for the family so the mom wouldn't have to worry about it.

If I were qotw there would be no medical expenses. All doctor's visits, medications, procedures, and general care would be 100% free so people would not have to think twice about bringing their children (or themselves) to the doctor. People would not have to consider the cost of surgery if they needed to have an organ transplant. People would not have to consider the cost of a prescription if they thought they MIGHT have an ear infection. No medical expenses.

If I were qotw there would be a law that all customer service people would remember to be kind to the customer - and the customer would remember to be kind to the customer service person.

If I were qotw there would be a law that people would not be judged on their appearances, but by their substance. That women in particular would be highly regarded for their intelligence, their sense of humor, their skills, their interests - rather than their bodies, their faces and their hair.

If I were qotw any magazine publisher or television producer who furthered the idea that in order to be desirable or perfect a young girl must be 20 lbs underweight would be put in maximum security prison.

If I were qotw the word fat as a description of any person would be outlawed.

If I were qotw people would no longer be allowed to be stupid or irresponsible just because "that is just how so and so is."


I'm sure many people are happy that I'm not qotw - most of all me. I certainly would not want that responsibility, but it is fun to dream - isn't it?

QOTD: If you were Queen of the World (or King of the World) what laws would you make?


heidi jo 12:01 AM  

here you go with your questions trying to get us to prove that we DO read AND enjoy your blog... oh yeah... and talking about ourselves. :)

my law would be that travel to visit family and close friends would be free and mandatory monthly, if your law about living close to one another were unable for some strange reason to be followed or enforced. ;) oh yeah... and starbucks would be free during said visits. :)

heidi jo 12:01 AM  

oh- and houses would magically clean themselves. :)

Carol 8:08 AM  

If I were qotw, everyone would fill in their calendars with the rest/vacation times first, then schedule in the busyness ... NOT the other way around.

Jen 8:30 PM  

Morning sickness would be outlawed. And everyone who is late to meet me for anything must pay me $1 for each minute they are late. And my phone would magically return all phone calls.

Carol 8:06 AM  

When one of my children is purposely annoying another one of my children, it would be legal to zap them with an electrical shock.

Also, I've been meaning to comment on your site listings under places I go. "I thankful for..." "Josh Leo's pants" I love that!

Mommy Brain 8:55 AM  

Kids and husbands would always listen the first time. The garbage man would take as much garbage as I put out, no matter what container it was in. We could lose 10lbs simply by blinking our eyes and thinking good thoughts. The Bears would win the superbowl!

i am not 4:06 PM  

Carol - you just have no idea how thankful I am for josh leo's pants.

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