Sunday, January 21, 2007

I've been tagged

Alright - I've been tagged by Heaven Sent and her little beauty Emma, so here we go - All you wanted to know about me from A-Z:

A- Available or married? Married for 8 years last October, dated for 2 before that - so 10 years I've been with this guy... wow is that a long time:)

B- Best Friend? I actually am blessed beyond anything I could have hoped for by having many best friends - I guess thats just who I am... I have many very good, close friends and very few surface-level kind of friends. I'm just not that interested in that kind of relationship. Anyway here are my best friends in alphabetical order: Cara, Carissa, Cornbread, Doug, Jenny, Kim, Raegan. But you should all know by now that Kim is my Best Friend in the Whole World. (I sure hope I didn't leave anyone out:)

C- Cake or Pie? Neither - I choose cookies for C.

D- Drink of Choice? Hmmmm. I don't normally like to drink calories so I drink coffee or water all day. However, if I'm splurging I will choose red wine.

E - Essential Item? What does this mean? What do I always have with me? What do I feel I should always have with me? Not sure about my answer to this since I really don't have anything like that... I'm going to answer - Pockets, so that I can put stuff in them as I find it around the house or so I can put my receipts in them when I go to the store. I really, really am at a loss when I'm wearing pants that do not have pockets. So I guess pockets are essential to me:)

F- Favorite Color? Anyone who has visited my house would know that my favorite color is red. By far. Red.

G- Gummi Bears or Worms? Puh-lease... bears, hands down. The worms just don't taste the same. And if you really want to be specific I like the sour gummi bears the best.

H- Hometown? I guess I get double points on this since my hometown in Hudsonville, MI.

I- Indulgence? Right now my only indulgence is buying and using Proactive skincare. Its expensive, but I have been (basically) zit-free for months now and that has never happened before. Will try the Target equivalent to save money, but if it doesn't work, I'm going right back to proactive. And frankly, if it is good enough for Jessica Simpson, then that is reason enough for me to use it. Oh and my new indulgence is getting my hair highlighted at the local cosmetology school, because I was really hot before, but with the highlights, I'm smokin' hot;)

J- January or February? February - I feel like it takes me most of January to recover from Christmas and Nora's birthday.

K- Kids & names? I love their names:) Nora Grace, Ryann Joy and Georgia Nicole (but if I were starting over I would have named Nora something different that was a boyish name too... like Charlotte and called her Charlie or Francine and called her Frankie... but whatever. I guess I could call her Charlie now if I wanted to).

L- Life is incomplete without? wow... life is incomplete without... friends, phones, unlimited long-distance, Cornbread, my girls, coffee.

M- Marriage Date? October 10th

N- Number of Siblings? Just 1 - Cara. You know how people talk about friends being as close as sisters? Yeah, thats really not true - at least for me. The friendship I have with my sister is so different than any of the friendships I have with my girlfriends. It just isn't the same. I can't explain it - maybe its because you see each other in so many different ways while you're growing up, you experience life together forever. I've never known life without my sister (she's older). Maybe its because you go through long stretches of time (which I'm sure my parents thought would never end) where you hate each other and do anything and everything to annoy each other - and the fact that you know exactly what it is that will annoy each other.

O- Oranges or apples? apples - they're easier to eat

P- Phobias/Fears? Never had one of these before I was pregnant with Nora, but when I was pregnant with her I started having panic attacks when I was confined... so now I consider myself claustrophobic.

Q-Favorite Quote? The best hugs are the ones that squish (I made that up myself - I'm pretty awesome, eh?)

R- Reason to Smile? Cornbread, Peek, Sweets and Bug

S- Season? Fall

T- Tag three people! Hmmmm. I would definitely tag BFWW, but she's been tagged already and I'm sure she's working really hard on hers as I type... so I'm going to tag A Little Off Key, Melissa:) and Mommy Brain.

U- Unknown fact about me: I'm pretty transparent and straightforward so I'm not sure there is an unknown fact about me... I'm thinking and I really can't come up with one.

W- Worst habit? putting things on top of the car when I'm putting the girls in the car... I think I've lost one of Dave's cd's that way and once I spilled coffee all over the car because of that.

Y- Your favorite food? (I think this is a pretty weak attempt at Y, just so you know... I think this would belong under F - Favorite Food, but I didn't make it up). I have lots of favorites - chinese, thai, mashed potatoes and corn, jello fluff, ice cream, cheesecake. I honestly can't pick one.

Z- Zodiac? Aries, the ram. I have no idea what that means.


Anonymous 8:33 PM  

Jeanene said:

Hey what happened to my name between Doug and Jenny? Just kidding. I miss seeing you guys. I need my playdate/coffee date fix....and soon.

Mommy Brain 7:42 AM  

Oh I have two posts I need to work on from you.

Love your favortie quote and you are awesome...make me smile every time you post.

Carol 8:43 AM  

I'm glad to hear that you never lost a child in a car sear from the roof of your car...
And you are so right about the favorite food thing! C'mon! Y? That's just dorky! Should have been: Yellow, blue, pink, or black? or Yoga, aerobics, pilates, or tread mill? or Yosemite, Grand Canyon, or Yellowstone National Park? or....

i am not 11:09 AM  

Jeanene - see? I shouldn't have listed anyones names. Your name is included in the "I hope I didn't forget anyone" portion:)

Miss you too - when are you available for coffee?

Heaven Sent 1:16 PM  

You crack me up! Yours is so much more interesting than mine. You are Meme Master!

Missy 4:24 PM  

how come no one ever picks me!!!! (see my pout! :) )

Very fun btw.. always love the chance to learn more about my GGS's.

i am not 4:36 PM  

Thats it people - you're ALL my best friend:) (but Kim is still BFWW:)

Missy 5:18 PM  

I don't want to be on the friend list just the tag list! LOL ;)

kkoois 10:05 PM  

missy - done. i officially transfer my tag to you.

Missy 1:37 PM  

LOL... is that legal? Oh who cares I'm having writers block it'll be a good way to start :)

Carol 7:13 PM  

Missy, I tagged you officially! Kim, you do not get to transfer your tagged responsibilities, plus your sister tagged you, too!

mom 8:42 AM  

How about nicknaming Nora - Norm

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