Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The countdown begins

I feel the need to anounce to all who care that I'M DONE!! I bought my last Christmas gift last night. I've purchased the cards and the stamps and am waiting for them to come in the mail. I'm waiting for a couple of other gifts to come in the mail, but other than that I'm finished. All gifts in the house have been wrapped and are quietly waiting in my closet for the big day when they make they're debut (with Georgia around, there is no way these gifts are going under the tree until Christmas Eve after bedtime).

My in-laws are coming this weekend for the first round of Christmas celebrations. I will be making appetizers and a nice dinner and it will be festive and joyful:) The following weekend we'll be traveling to my side of the family for the next round - I'm very excited because we'll have one full day to spend with my parents, my sister & BIL and my nephews with no other committments to get to - we have NEVER had that before! And Christmas Eve will be spent waiting for Santa, making cookies, and listening to music. I'm very excited about Christmas this year.

Oh yeah, Cornbread told me he figured out his gift for me - and it costs a lot of money. Hmmmm... he's not usually good at keeping secrets or surprises, so I'm going to have to start asking some questions:)

And now, for the photos you will NOT see on our Christmas cards this year:


kkoois 3:12 PM  

adorable pictures! all those could have been used in a cute collage.

and since you can't physically see me right now, i will tell you what i am doing at this moment. i am sticking my tongue out at you. you suck for being all done with your christmas stuff. i still have way too much shopping to do. but, i think i might win the christmas card contest this year. i have mine and will be putting yours in the mail ahead of all the others. ahhh, the sweet taste of victory!!

Jen 7:22 PM  

I am NOT done. I am probably the furthest behind I have ever been. Why did I have my firstborn on Dec. 8? It seems like I can't get Christmas stuff done until after his birthday. I hope your visits go well.

Jen 8:23 AM  

Great pics! I actually am not done and don't really want to be. I am weird. I LOVE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! I am going Friday night with some friends and I can't wait.

Once I figure out what the heck to buy my dad I'll be golden.

Mommy Brain 9:53 PM  


Doni Brinkman 6:20 PM  

Such a beautiful little trio! I had last years Christmas picture on my fridge for months. I think I need a girl Jana LOL!

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