Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm a miracle worker

Because somehow I've managed to duplicate yesterday in the overall pleasantness of our house. What the heck am I doing right lately? Perhaps my husband should do more business traveling because surprisingly while daddy is away everyone is very enjoyable.

Hmmm. I'm in desperate need of adult communication.


Missy Eagen 8:26 PM  

you are funny :)

Kristy 9:52 AM  

Note to self: send hubby away for a weekend and peace will come over my children and household.
Ok got it!! Gotta go check travelosity.com......

Heaven Sent 1:54 PM  

Good for you. Enjoy every second. As I have said before, I am in awe of you. With three children, you truly DESERVE many, many days like these!!!!

heidi jo 9:12 PM  

when you figure it out - PLEASE SHARE!!!!

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