Saturday, December 22, 2007

What kind of present is this??

Georgia is #3 - third child. We often joke around that she will do whatever it takes to get attention for herself. Even if that means destroying the house in a record 5 seconds. Or screaming at the top of her lungs. Or climbing on furniture, standing up and flinging her arms out to the side and yelling "Ta-DA!"

She tries so hard to keep up with the big girls, but most times her little feet just physically can't move as fast as theirs. Or those feet some how fly out from underneath her and she spends too much time picking herself up off of the ground to gain any ground on her sisters. She's a good sport about it all and never complains, just brushes herself off and goes off to find out where they've gone.

Last night, though, showed her true determination to keep up with them.

Lets recount...

Spring - Ryann in ER for dehydration.
Summer - Nora in ER for broken elbow.

It only seems fair, then, that Georgia should take her own turn in the ER, right?

The scene:
I'm sitting on the couch watching my new Planet Earth DVD. The girls are playing around me. They're creating a cave (because we were watching "Caves") by draping a blanket from the end table to the arm of the couch - right next to where I was sitting. This was good and they were having fun. Georgia was trying so hard to be a part of it, which wasn't going over too well with a certain cave designer (Ryann). So what does a girl do when she's being left out in the cold? Shows them whats up...

Georgia climbs on top of the end table that they're using and yells, "Ta DA!" I tell her what a great job she did and then ask her to get down. She's so excited about everything and how close I am that she decides to walk to me from there... Blanket is draped from table to couch arm. She thinks it is a solid surface. Mom knows it is not and is quite aware of what is going through her head and tries to reach out to stop her before it happens. Mom feels like she is in a spider web because of the blankets on top of her and children on the floor holding them down. Georgia, in slow motion takes a step, mom reaches out, Georgia falls and hits her head on the table, mom finally frees herself and picks her up. All is well. Until I moved my hand and saw the blood.

Panic ensues.

I brought her to the ER... by the time we got there 20 minutes later she was fine and was climbing on every piece of furniture in the waiting room, bound and determined to split her head open even more. I considered going home - she seemed fine, they were SLOW, and I know that the head bleeds A LOT compared to how big a wound is... so under that mass of dried blood and matted hair, it couldn't be too bad. Uh, wrong - I'm glad I stayed.

When it was finally cleaned up it was pretty ugly and big and deep. She got only 3 stitches and was terribly upset that the nurse had to hold her face down while she got them (I would be, too). But I guess the big ol' teddy bear that they gave her makes up for all of that.

So my family should be excited to see the blood matted hair on the back of her head at our Christmas party tonight (we can't wash it until Sunday morning).

Nothing says Merry Christmas like dried blood, right?


Missy Eagen 9:26 AM  

yikes!! well at least now it's fair and they've all had a turn in the ER :)
Poor girl, I hope she heals fast!

Can't wait to see the planet earth DVD's. Kayla got them for Christmas and I wanted to watch some before wrapping them up :)

Sarah R. (C) 11:38 AM  

Wow!!! I hope you all are doing well now. Good luck with dried blood and people's reactions to it.

Mommy Brain 10:01 AM  

Nothin' says "Merry Christmas" like dried blood...couldn't have said it better myself!

Carol 8:11 AM  

oweee! Hope you had a great Christmas!

heidi jo 11:20 PM  


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