Monday, December 03, 2007

Now... how did I do that?

My girls fight. They argue with each other. They whine over who gets the pink bowl and who gets to go first with this or that. Some days I just want to tear my hair out and send one of them away so that life will be just a little quieter - I don't care which one, any one of the three being gone for a while will result in a quieter, more laid back atmosphere.

I don't understand why they fight and I think a lot of the reasons are absolutely absurd. Its hard to not completely lose my patience and start going on and on to them about how dumb this particular fight is. However, I feel it is better to not get involved and I just tune them out instead (unless it gets too bad then I do step in).

And then there are days like today. Days where all three of them are incredibly pleasant and happy. They are kind to each other and actually seem like they genuinely enjoy playing together. I have not heard any whining. No arguing. No "mine". No tattling. It is absolutely enjoyable around here right now.

Makes me wonder - what did I do right this morning? What did I do differently today that resulted in this? And HOW IN THE WORLD CAN I DUPLICATE THIS TOMORROW???!!! Not likely to happen, but its worth thinking about:)


Kristy 3:03 PM  


Carol 7:49 PM  

enjoy it while you can, and good for you to have one of those days!!! =]

Sarah R. (C) 8:33 PM  

If you figure out the answer let me know. I haven't had a non fighting day in weeks.

Mommy Brain 8:40 PM  

Isn't it funny how it doesn't matter which one you take out of the mix everything goes smoother and quieter when one is missing?

heidi jo 9:31 PM  

precious. :) SO glad for the good days!

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