Sunday, February 04, 2007


I remember watching this in high school and it was funny, but it is so much funnier now that I live in Chicagoland... the accents are real - people really talk like that (I had no idea) - the obsession with the sports teams, the idolization of the the sports people... its all so real.

The day after the Bears won the NFC championship I think there may have been one brief news story that was not about the Bears, but the entire morning news was about the Bears. For the last 2 weeks, at least every 3rd story is about the Bears. It is insane, but it is so much fun.

Go Bears!

RIP Chris Farley.


Jen 12:35 PM  

DA BEARS! It's kinda like watching my family! Yeah, we really are like that. I saw a news story last week that started with this sentance.

"Here's one guy who won't get to enjoy the Bears victory as he was gunned down on the south side last night."


Tim had to call our insurance guy last week and instead of saying "bye" they said "go bears."

Carol 10:43 PM  

I will never get sick of watching that clip! Even after da bears lost today! I still love 'em.

Mommy Brain 2:49 PM  


Thanks for the laugh this morning...I was strangely sad this morning and needed to be reminded of this great city I grew up in.


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