Monday, February 12, 2007


Based on this Oprah show, Cornbread and I made our own dream/goal posters on Sunday afternoon. I have to give you a disclaimer to tell you that the show was pretty new-agey and you really, really have to look past that to find the bits and pieces that you can take away from the show and apply to your life. I am in no way advocating a karma type philosophy or a life in which you base your actions on how the universe is going to return vibrations to you, however, if you listen carefully, there are some good things to come away with...

Like make goals. Be specific. Speak them out loud and live your life like you expect them to occur. One of the girls called it "placing your order" - when you go to a restaurant and place an order, you expect your food to come the way you ordered and you don't think any differently. In the same way, you should speak your goals and consider them an order and just expect them to happen and make your decisions based on your goals. Yes, yes, I hear you - God works. God has plans. But we can create goals and work toward them with the expectation that if God has other plans we need to be flexible enough to follow his call.

My whole poster is the picture that is above. Here are the bits and pieces zoomed for you to see. By the way, our posters are interestingly different - mine is mainly words and phrases, Cornbread's is mainly pictures... hmmm visual vs. lingual - makes so much sense:)

Some day I want to 1) see Wicked; 2) have season tickets to the White Sox and 3) have a career in nursing.

At some point I would like to take two nice vacations each year. I would like to visit so many places - including Venice, Hawaii, Colorado, Belize, Santa Barbara, Alaska, Ireland - the list goes on. I want to travel with Cornbread and provide experiences for our girls. Thanks to Edward Jones, both of those are distinctly real possibilities:)
Someday, I would like to have a second home - a condo downtown so that we can go to the city for a weekend and stay downtown rather than drive home. So we can do fun things in the city and not worry about the traffic on the way out and on the way home. I want to experience city living - but not full-time (besides, Cornbread has no desire to live in the city full-time - so I have to take his wishes into consideration:)
Here I am showing my new attitude toward weight and weight loss. I've been re-examining my ideas about this for the last several days. I've begun to wonder why 120 is my magic weight number when in reality even at 120 I have a hard time finding clothes to fit me correctly. Maybe, just maybe it should be more about being healthy, being in shape and enjoying life - regardless of what my actual weight number is.
I love the quote on the right side. It says, "I never set my goals based on a scale. Nope, just miles on a machine. Minutes on the treadmill. And loving every second of it."
I want to continue to have one of the happiest marriages in the world. I love Cornbread. He is my absolute best friend - my favorite person in the whole world and I want that to always be the case. And yes, I would like to have more sex:) Being parents sucks, sometimes;)
Remember my mission trip to Honduras? I don't want that to be my first and last mission trip. I want to go on more. I would like to go on mission trips as a family. I would like to go on a trip (or more than one) with Cornbread. I want to serve God's people. I want to give them clothes and a cup of cold water. I want to fullfill God's call for me.
There's also a piece of the poster that says "Undeniably strong". I think that works on so many levels - my marriage, my fitness goals, my body, my faith in God. Awesome.
What would your dream/goal poster look like?


Jen 8:35 AM  

I am going to make a poster. And find a name for my husband that is as cool as Cornbread.

Amanda 10:08 AM  

jen, how about corn muffin? ;)
cool post, Jana!

heidi jo 11:56 PM  

i saw the same show and appreciated much of it - though, like you, i REALLY had to weed through the new-age theme... no thanks ya'll for that one.

one statement stood out to me that i was going to write about but never got around to doing it:

"debt is a function of unforgiveness." WOW! SO PROFOUND! the idea that you buy more to fulfill a loss or that someone owes you something... profound.

Heaven Sent 1:41 PM  

What a cool idea! I think Jeff and I are stealing it, especially as he revaluates his career.

It is so nice to get a glimpse into your dreams. And your explanation of how God works into our plans is perfect! You are truly a great person!

one hot momma 7:35 AM  

are there any other blogging momma's out there that wish their husband would make a poster with them? Actually, I love the idea, but have no desire to do it, I'm up to my ears in mobiles and diaorama and posters with my 4th and 2nd graders!
There is some envy in my words...your posters are beautiful!

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