Tuesday, February 20, 2007


There is just something so unbelievably yummy about walking babies in overalls. Even from behind they are so CUTE!
And I would like to announce that this whole fashion trend of long t-shirts under short sleeves is WONderful!!!! I did not have to buy Georgia a new wardrobe for the winter, hers basically doubled with the addition of a few long sleeve onesies. Whoever thought of this was an absolute genius!

PS - please take note of the unbelievably clean floor behind her. There is one diaper bag and a blanket on the floor. THAT IS IT. Hello??? Do you have a concept of how amazing that is? Congratulations to me:)


mrseagen 1:04 PM  

she is a doll.. and your right overalls are just cute at this age. They don't get all bunched up like an infants does :)

Amanda 4:49 PM  

So.adorable. :)

April 6:48 PM  

Absolutely Adorable! Well done on the clean house too! If you saw my living room at this moment, well, it makes yours look absolutely amazing! Well done!

Mommy Brain 7:59 PM  

Thanks for that smile! What a great thing to be thankful for!

Heaven Sent 9:42 PM  

Overalls and long-sleeve onesies rock! And your little one is adorable. That smile is definitely yummy!

Amy 9:54 PM  

Georgia still looks like Hailey...especially those pictures of her from the back. She is so cute!

kkoois 10:07 PM  

So Cute!!

Carol 8:51 PM  

Overall, I think the overalls are cute, but the one in them is the cutest overall!

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