Monday, February 26, 2007

Perhaps lunch or dinner instead

Sometimes I feel bad for Nora because she is older and just isn't as scoopable as the other two. Ryann is at that age (2 1/2) where you can't stand to not hug her because she is just so cute. Georgia is, too - in addition to the fact that she is still somewhat of a baby and gets carried around a lot. At times, I feel like Nora gets the shaft because she's 5 and has grown out of that unbelievably, uncontrollably cute stage. I try to be very intentional about giving her lots of hugs and kisses and praises throughout the day so she doesn't feel bad, but I feel bad - because it is intentional, where for the other girls it isn't (right now). Does that make sense? I know it isn't HER, but the difference of the ages of the girls, but still I feel bad.

So I am always thrilled when she does something or says something that puts a smile on my face or makes me laugh. She now has a sense of humor, she is so kind and loving and caring and she loves completely. She really enjoys playing, she likes to take care of Georgia, she enjoys Ryann - at times - and she especially enjoys spending any time with mom and dad. She helps me with my new job and feels very important for doing so. She loooves to learn, cannot get enough of coloring and crafty kinds of things, is beginning to read a little bit (although if I knew how to teach her she would be reading a lot more), is very curious and always wants to help. She is a wonderful little girl and I love her to pieces:)

This morning we were driving home from Georgia's 15 month check up listening to our Marc Cohn cd. One of my favorite songs was on and I was singing along as usual. Nora stopped me and asked, "Is he saying 'breakfast', mom?" "Breakfast, honey? When?" "You know, walking in his breakfast?" (we were listening to this song).

I laughed and was reminded that she IS still unbelievably, uncontrollably cute in her own 5-year old kind of way. I am so grateful for my little Peek and all that she shares with us. God has blessed me so:)


Jen 1:37 PM  

So now we need to go see Kim in Breakfast?!

Cute Nora!

Mommy Brain 7:37 PM  

Jana...I know exactly what you are talking about! My oldest is 9 now...5 ft tall and just doesn't get all the physical attention that I give the others. I mean Wes is still in the stage that I smell him when I kiss him because he is still so yummy...and Jed well he's just Jed although I've noticed that he is losing some of that unbelievabe cuteness(so sad)...and Emily well...I can't pick her up either but she just demands it's a sad part of growing up and I completly understand what you are talking about. But when their sense of humor kicks in and you start to see their personality that is fun too...just another stage I guess?

Heaven Sent 10:59 PM  

That is a cute! That song always reminds me of you for some reason. Did you play it at your wedding or something??

kkoois 8:08 AM  

Ha! that is funny!

Carol 7:05 AM  

My oldest, 12 1/2 and 6'3" probably gets the most hugs and kisses from me because he's so sweet - he comes up to me for them. I love that kid!

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