Monday, February 05, 2007

Tales of a Superbowl Birthday

Sunday was Cornbread's 31st birthday. And as his wife, I was able to secure an almost perfect gift for his birthday. Don't ask me how I was able to accomplish such a feat, but I was able to get the Bears into the Superbowl... being played on his birthday. Could you imagine anything better than that? Well, if I could have assured a victory it would have been the most perfect birthday ever, but that was too much of a stretch - even for me. So, while his birthday was overall a good one, it didn't end the way we wish it had.

And here, in photos, is a day in the life of our Birthday Bears Fan:

Knowing how much he looooves cinnamon rolls, I decided to try to make some from scratch like my mom used to do when we were growing up. I had visions of perfectly rising, fluffy cinnamon rolls oozing with cinnamon sugar and vanilla icing, making the whole house smell heavenly on the morning of Cornbread's birthday. Instead, this is what happened:

And if it looks like they are rock hard and hardly risen, that's because they were - they were horrendous. Don't know why, but they didn't rise...

Some photos of our miniature bears fans:

Clearly, Ryann was very excited about the bears and the superbowl.

I thought there was a distinct possibility that Cornbread would never even see the Superbowl because he might have a grabber by the time it actually came on. The air in our home was a mixture of unbelievable excitement and sheer, utter boredom as we waited for the 5:20pm kickoff.At 3:00 it was naptime - for everyone. Cornbread decided that a good way to pass the time would be to sleep it away. Everyone was put in their beds and he climbed in ours with the hopes of waking up just in time to catch kickoff... in reality he got a short nap because everyone else woke up early. Again, doing what we can to pass the time... I don't think I've ever had a day take so long in my life.

As of now, the game has started. If you haven't heard about The Woof and football, then you should know, he is a GIANT PANSY. He gets very nervous during football games because Cornbread gets very excited and there is a lot of positive (or negative) energy in the air. The Woof, being the pansy that he is, starts to pant, pace and sit as close to a human being as possible (that usually is me - and he sits on my chest). Here he is panting and getting nervous.

Since the cinnamon rolls (obviously) did not work, I took that as a challenge from the yeast. You think I can't bake with you? Ha! I'll teach you. So I made some soft, giant pretzels. They were good, but they took a long time to make. And I kicked the yeast's butt.

In order to keep the girls out of Cornbread's hair during the game, we set up a portable DVD player with their movie. We also ordered our favorite pizza.

Here he is as the Bears begin to dash his hopes.

After halftime as the Bears fall apart:

Georgia was being a doll, so we had a little photo shoot (don't you love her hair?)

At this point I believe he had given up all hope, which is the only reason why there is a smile on his face.And yes folks, we have lost the superbowl.And then we let the girls take some pictures...

Nora's picture of mom and dad:

Ryann's first attempt at a picture of mom and dad:

Oh, here we are...

Ryann's picture of Nora:

And someone was quite excited about their movie:)

We had a good day. Cornbread's reaction to the loss was much different than I expected. He has been completely pleasant and unmoved by the outcome. I had expected a winner - or, perhaps I hoped for a winner as opposed to the reaction I assumed he would have if they lost. However, my Cornbread is now a real live grown up and doesn't get so worked up by things anymore, at least on this occasion anyway. He is 31, you know;)


Amanda 9:31 PM  

Ahhh...31 this year. Thanks for reminding me, Jana. Happy Birthday Dave! BTW: WHERE in the world did "cornbread" come from?!?!?!?

Carol 11:28 PM  

Happy Birthday to you, Dave! Things start falling apart when you get older, even the Bears! Gotta love 'em anyways!

Mommy Brain 7:43 AM  

Happy Birthday Dave!

So glad we kicked someones butt on Sunday even if it was Yeast! Your trophy is in the mail and the parade is scheduled for next Tuesday. What are your colors? I'd like to root for team Jana from now on!

Jen 8:15 AM  

Happy birthday Dave! Or is it still "Yutz"? :-P

Loved all the pics of your day of orange and blue. And WOW is Georgia's hair LONG!

Heaven Sent 12:38 PM  

I love the play-by-play... much more interesting than the Superbowl itself! The girls looks so cute in their orange gear -- and Georgia's hair! There is so much!

BTW, care to share your pretzel recipe???

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