Friday, February 16, 2007

You know what'll happen

Just because I know everyone wants to know this...

I just listed all of my baby bottles and breastmilk storage containers on ebay. So now you know what will happen.

Dave needs to call 1877-877-4VAS right now.


mrseagen 6:55 PM  

should I be worried???

kkoois 12:07 AM  

yeah!! i hope so!! and i hope dave (aka cornbread) loses that number.

Jen 7:18 AM  

come join the ranks of 4! :-) DO you kno whow many people i know who were "done" but didn't get fixed promptly and had more?! Ask Mommy Brain. . .:-)

Mommy Brain 8:30 AM  

When Doc Beautiful was fixed properly and it was the most wonderful day of my life! = ) But you better move fast...the guys have a way of knowing they are getting axed and they swim faster and things happen...oops #4!

Amanda 12:01 PM  

Hmm...I just saw an article linking vasectomies to Jared will definitely say no.

mrseagen 9:04 PM  

I will testiy to the knowing the ax is coming. We had our 'consultation' on 9/11, we scheduled the appointment for the procedure and I found out on 10/16 Sammy Boy was on the way. I was 10 weeks pregnant when he went under the knife... the sad part... they wouldn't let me watch. My insides come falling out and they won't let me watch him squirm even a little. NOT FAIR... ;)

Carol 10:10 PM  

For this reason, I still have my crib and changing table. I will not get rid of it until the swimmers have been removed.

Mommy Brain 8:17 AM're my new best friend!

mrseagen 3:29 PM  

LOL.... :)

Heaven Sent 7:56 PM  

Hmmmm... wasn't the last one a surprise? God is pretty funny that way!!

one hot momma 7:33 AM  

I've been trying to get my loving hubby to go for the big V, it's like walking up a hill, progress, not so much progress, then...just as I'm making progress again his sister tells him about that article linking alzheimers to it! I just love that sister-in-law, you should have seen my hubby's face when she said that...a look of elation came over him because he knew my fight was over!!!

Good luck with your e-bay selling;o)

Cousin Jen 3:04 PM  

I don't want to start a huge ethical debate, but IUDS are nice birth control too...I love mine and nobody had to do the snip snip. Plus they are reversable if you change your mind!

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