Monday, April 03, 2006

30 (4/3/06)

Happy Birthday to ME!

I turned 30 on Saturday. Nice. It was a good day - a really good day. We had breakfast with Dave's parents, then I went for a massage (part of my christmas present from Dave and the girls), then to church, then to my surprise party!

I knew about the surprise party and I knew about the guest list, but it was still fun to walk into the room and hear everyone yell "Surprise!" It was also fun to hear Raegan set the whole thing up throughout the week... it was being held at her house so she had to get me there somehow and it was fun to witness all of it. I really wanted to torture her and try to mess all of her plans up, but I was good and I just let her work it out properly.

They did such a good job with the party. Great food. Great guest list. We had such a great time! My parents drove in. Dave's parents flew in. MY SISTER FLEW IN! And a bunch of friends from CCC came. I cannot even put into words how much the entire thing meant to me - that Dave and Raegan thought I was special enough to plan this, that everyone who came thought I was special enough to come and celebrate with me. I think everyone needs to have a party thrown in their honor... It was awesome and I feel very, very loved and very, very grateful for the blessing of my friends and family.

And Cara rearranged the stuff on my new bookcases so they look good! What a great sister I have:)


Lisa @ Heaven Sent 4:25 PM  

Happy belated birthday. The big 3-0...mine is coming in October!!!

Lisa @ Heaven Sent 4:25 PM  

Wait, no it's not. I'll only be 29. Boy do I need some sleep!!!!!!!!

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