Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Interesting Election Results

It has been 2 years of campaigning. Two years of discussing and debating. Two years of some of the nastiest things I have ever heard - not from the candidates, but from the people voting for the candidates. Quite frankly, I've been shocked and disappointed at some of the stuff that people have said and the inconsistency in character that the resulted from the comments.

Cornbread and I have had many discussions about the candidates and who we should vote for and why we should vote for that person. To be honest, neither of us made up our mind until this past Sunday...

What I found interesting, though, is that even though we kept our cards very close to our chest with our girls (not on purpose, just happened to be that our discussions happened while they weren't around) and never indicated to them who we would be voting for, they both chose McCain when they voted at school this week.

I asked each of them "Why?" We haven't really discussed anything in front of them. The could not have based their votes on our votes because they didn't know our votes. Yet, they chose McCain and I was curious how they came to that decision. Neither could give me an answer - neither had a reason. They just did.

So are they natural republicans? Are they natural conservatives? Or does McCain look like a nice grandpa to them?


heidi jo 11:17 AM  

good questions! maybe all of the above. :)

Amy 3:42 PM  

I think kids pick up on the political climate based on where they live. I remember as a kid always voting for Reagan or Bush when we had those school elections and I never knew who my parents voted for...they never talked about it. I always lived in pretty conserative communities. Does that mean my kids will be Democrats since we live in one of the most Democratic states in the US??? Then again we go to a pretty conservative church and most of our friens are Republicans.

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