Monday, November 10, 2008

The Day She Turned 3

On each of the girls' third birthdays, I have recorded the day in photos. Nora's happened before I started this blog... I'm going to have to post that one someday. But you can see Ryann's here.

So our Bugly turned 3 yesterday... She had an exciting day of eating and playing:)

Waiting for breakfast with Nora:

Eating a snack at Doug & Jenny's (We went there to hang out during the Bear's game):

Showing off Toto - her new puppy in a purse:
Playing ghost, I guess:)
Coloring - on paper:
Watching Nemo - waiting for Nemo to touch the butt:
Hiding while Nemo gets yelled at:
Rearranging picture frames - because this is what she does when she's there:
Hitting the need-a-nap wall. Here she hurt her toe:
And here, well, we just don't know what was wrong here:
Sleeping on Mom's lap:)
Still sleepy from her nap and in David's arms - one of her favorite places ever:
Leaving Doug's - not happy because she's cold:
Playing with her new snugglekins - monkey named JoJo:
Birthday French Toast in front of the tv - quite a treat - watching the all new Hannah Montanna:
Changed into jammies and posing for a nice picture (obliging mom's request):
Playing with her new Lite Bright:
Getting ready for bed: Trying to comfort Jo Jo:
Putting JoJo to bed while Daddy reads to Nora and Ryann helps:
Reading in bed:

Its hard to believe she's 3 already:)


kkoois 10:40 AM  

i can't believe she's 3 already! cute pictures. glad she had such a fun day!

elise has the same dog in a bag!! she loves it.

Jen 11:14 AM  

Happy Birthday Georgia!!!

heidi jo 10:16 AM  


Kristy 10:34 AM  

wow 3 already??? What a big girl. I LOVE all the pictures througout her day. Is that Georgia's daddy holding her? ;) I don't think I've ever seen a picture of him before.

i am not 10:47 AM  

LOL Kristy! No that is not MY Dave holding her, but our 16 year old friend, Dave. The two of them have a very special connection and have since she was born. He is HER Dave:)

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