Thursday, November 06, 2008

Things I learned in Mexico

Roll your eyes if you must, but I want to move to Cabo San Lucas... its not just about being on vacation its about life there. And if something happens here where we lose our house, Cornbread loses his job, etc. etc. we are going to look into it - I'm not joking. There was a point where I was sitting at the table, reading the newspaper and drinking my coffee where I thought, "Why are we living here? We could live anywhere in the world - why aren't we living somewhere beautiful with a simpler life?"

We are trying to live a more simple life here in Homer Glen - a southwest suburb of Chicago. However, I feel like it is a constant battle. It is counter cultural to want less stuff instead of more and I get weary of the fight. I'm not saying that people are fighting me, but that I am fighting with myself and my desire to live a certain way but being drawn to consume and accumulate anyway. Sometimes I feel it would be easier if I just gave in and lived in a reactionary way instead of trying to be intentional... but then I remember how I felt at the end of this summer and know that makes me unhappy.

In Los Cabos, they aren't fighting to consume. It is a third world country - yes - so they are fighting more to eat and feed their children. I understand that. I also understand that the grass is greener on the other side, but I feel like a burden would be lifted from me if I lived in a place like that (this also explains my desire to move to a small town).

And then lets talk about beauty. Illinois is nice. Our neighborhood is nice. But if you look outside right now it is drab and kind of dreary. The last few days have been wonderful - 70's in November - but it isn't PRETTY outside right now because its fall. Los Cabos has desert (which is not pretty) and mountains (which are) and the ocean... and it is sunny and beautiful. Why wouldn't I want to surround myself in that everyday and be in a place where I can surf every single morning?

Again - I fully recognize that the grass is greener on the other side and everything there looks perfect from here. I struggle, though, with the busyness of life here and the quiet, calm, laid back life of Mexico looks good to me.

Wow - I wasn't planning to blog about that today;) Here is my list of things I learned in Mexico - I will discuss in more detail later:

* Chips and guacamole
* Mexican food vs. American food
* Mexican salsa
* Time
* surfing
* unfinished projects
* house water
* crime rate


heidi jo 10:06 AM  

i totally GET this... when i'm away from it all, it is so freeing... then i come home to my clutter and this fast-paced life and i have to try to figure out how to stay at peace and make a difference where i'm at... SO HARD!

i am not 10:23 AM  

I should just copy and paste your comment over top of my post - you summed it up perfectly. And I'm so happy that someone else understands!

Brenda B 3:13 PM  

I COMPLETELY get your desire to give it all up and move to Mexico! I worked for a boss once who said he was going to quit his job and open a t-shirt stand on the beach in mexico. Sounded like a good plan to copy.

I also encountered this in Hawaii. While out shopping one morning we encountered a lady who strolled by a little after 10am to open her shop. after she pushed back the doors she kicked off her flip flops and proceeded to walk around barefoot. She was from the mainland and said she could never go back.

I can't wait to hear about the things you listed.

Mommy Brain 7:48 AM  

I get it too...and I understand the idea of things cluttering our lives that really aren't important but we live as though they are....and sometimes I wonder why? But my biggest question when coming home from anywhere is "Why do we live here? It's so UGLY!" That I do not my family....that's the only thing keeping me here.

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