Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Saturday was our last day/travel day. We were quite lucky that our flight was at 1:15 and we didn't have to leave at the crack of dawn like some of our friends. We were able to hang out until 10 and enjoy a little bit of the morning.

We got up, worked out, showered, packed our final things and left our luggage at the door for the luggage pull (minus our carry on this time). We had decided earlier in the week that we would wait for the breakfast buffet until Saturday (it was quite expensive and we figured it would be good to overfill that morning because we probably wouldn't eat again until dinner).


After eating our fill, I then commenced on the juice course... they had all of these weird juices and I felt it was my duty to try them before we left. We had a bunch of glasses on the table and I didn't think Cornbread was going to partake, but he was a champ and tried them all.

Pear: tasted like apple juice
Melon: Ick - tasted like honeydew melon, which is good as a food, not as a juice
Papaya: Ick - I don't like papaya and having it in juice form doesn't make it any better
Celery: this one was bright green and a little scary for me. It wasn't too bad - tasted exactly like celery, but sweeter.
Beet: Ick - smelled like dirt and tasted like dirt and was chunky. Cornbread didn't think it was as bad as I was saying, but trust me it was nasty.

After the juice course was over, we went to the lobby to wait for our shuttle and I stared at the ocean for another 15 minutes before being dragged away. We weren't ready to go home yet - we both decided that one more day would have been nice... and in the future we may extend our stay by one day. We really weren't missing or even thinking about the girls - we had talked to them once during the week and they were fine. It was nice to be away and to escape the stresses of home, but as I mentioned before the constant socialness of this vacation was tiring for me - if we had one more day without everyone else, it would have been perfect.

The rest of our day was spent traveling. Our plane landed at 6pm and we were picked up at 7 and home by 7:45. We were greeted by our girls running to us... okay, well Nora and Ryann did. Georgia couldn't be bothered by our arrival at first;) While I would have liked another day, it was good to finally be home and to see them and hug them.

And I've been amazed at the increase in patience I have had since being away from them;)


Brenda B 12:01 PM  

Thanks for sharing about your trip it sounds like a lovely time. It is a great perk from the company and don't be ashamed about getting it. Everyone should get to enjoy a trip like this perferably very often!

I think all parents should get away now and then it definately makes you a better parent when you return.

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