Saturday, December 19, 2009

24 colors

I'm stealing my topic today from my friend Christine, who does not blog nearly enough.

This morning she compared the joy and contentment of life to the simpleness of a box of 24 crayola crayons and a blank piece of paper in this post. How well our family knows the happiness that new crayons bring! My girls color, color and color some more. I'm lucky enough that - most of the time - it is on paper, although we've had our share of artwork in places that were not meant for crayons:) And we cannot keep enough blank paper and coloring books in our house... blank paper is meant to be colored on. Always.

I disagree with Christine in one aspect, though. Twenty-Four crayons is just not enough. Its exciting, yes, but a box of SIXTY-FOUR crayons is what does it for me! However, I don't feel like coming up with 64 simple pleasures, so here is my 24 crayons list:

1. flannel sheets
2. Cornbread making me coffee in the morning
3. taking showers at the gym in the morning instead of at home
4. time ticking away extremely fast on the eliptical because I'm chatting with a good friend
5. pictures of children that i love that live far away
6. getting the mail everyday - especially right now as we're looking forward to christmas cards and donations for our girls in Africa
7. cereal with 2 % milk
8. chicago pizza
9. our fuzzy woof visiting us on the big red magic red bed every night
10. the community that is beginning to build in region 101 and the great fondness i have for those people
11. sincere greetings
12. biscotti
13. my girls hitting me with "Mommy, guess what?" "What?" "I love you." (I've been doing this to them since each of them were able to say "what")
14. beds being made
15. cornbread's awesome assistant
16. the great anticipation and excitement I feel when I buy someone the perfect gift
17. unexpected generosity
18. Love Story by Taylor Swift
19. hearing my girls talk about Jesus
20. Skipper's drawings - she always includes God in her artwork
21. letters from Brenda and Priscilla
22. my new L.L. Bean sweatshirt
23. slippers
24. puzzles

QOTD: What are your 24 crayons?


Mommy Brain 11:46 AM  

Finding out that you appreciated my blog and linked to it is the bonus color in my box!

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