Friday, December 11, 2009

Best gift

My friend Julie emailed this topic to me:

What was your absolutely favorite, best Christmas gift ever?

I actually have two favorites, but for different reasons.

My favorite practical, use all the time, so glad I got it, not sure I could live without it from now on gift was from my gram last year. It was a Skip Dr. For anyone with little kids, this item is a MUST HAVE. I have repaired so many movies that my children have scratched in previous years simply by handling them. I thought most of our princess and disney movies were worthless until I buffed them with the Skip Dr. I've also saved CDs that I thought were destined for the garbage can. I recommend this to every mom I talk to when the topic of movies and/or children destroying everyday household items come up. Get one - $20 will save you lots and lots of money in replacement costs.

My other absolute favorite gift was from Dave two years ago...

Every year he gets me some random Christmas gift that I never knew I wanted;) In other words, he has no idea what he is going to buy me and tools around the mall for an hour or two and waits until something screams "Jana" to him. Every year it is hit and miss with these gifts. I love him and I appreciate what he is doing, but there have been some years where I open them and I'm trying to figure out a way to not let my disappointment show... or figure out how to tactfully and respectfully ask him if I can exchange it. He means well, truly he does, and I know all of this about him and I love him for it.

He's also been quite successful some years - for example, one year he bought me my own house tool set. That was a gift that I opened and thought, "wow, THIS is exciting." But actually, I use it all.the.time. And he's happy because I'm not messing around in his tool box.

I feel bad, though, many years, because he actually puts a whole lot more thought into his gift for me than I do for him. He pointed this out two years ago. I took that opportunity to thank him for his gift and also remind him that I planned and purchased gifts for approximately 20 people whereas he purchased one gift for one person. I don't think I've heard him make any arrogant statements about his gift giving since that conversation;)

So anyway, two years ago I open his gift. It is not heavy. In fact it feels like an empty cookie tin. I unwrap it. I open the cookie tin and find a folded up piece of paper. I take it out, unfold it and without reading every word I begin to understand that it is confirmation for a plane ticket to Miami. For the life of me, I could not figure out why he was giving me a plane ticket to Miami. Evidently my confusion showed on my face. I was having a hard time showing or telling him my appreciation because I just didn't get it. Not only did I have no reason to go to Miami, but we were in no financial position to buy a plane ticket to anywhere, let alone to Miami. And I was assuming that he'd be coming with me, which would mean TWO tickets to Miami. So what the heck?

I think I asked him why I was going to Miami, which confused HIM:) After a few minutes we got everything straight and I learned that he had planned a 3 day trip for me to visit my BFWW in MEMPHIS! This.was.amazing. Amazing. When I finally figured it all out the tears rolled down my face in a continuous stream. This was the most thoughtful gift I had every received and it ended up being a gift that kept on giving :)

What was YOUR best Christmas gift?


kkoois 1:44 PM  

that was my favorite gift that dave gave you, also! tell him to get it for you again this year. and the next. and the one after that.

Kristy 12:44 PM  

hmm pondering this. Well for one Craig and I don't really give Christmas gifts,we're usually poor during this month (winter) so things are minimal. But what happens is we usually make up for it during the year when he wants to buy me something and vise versa. It's just happened that way and we're ok with it :) It's sad to say but I don't really recall Christmas gifts I've gotten from anyone (family incuded). The one and only 'gift' I can recall was that 11 yrs ago,we had tried for a couple years to have a baby and I finally got pregnant that August. I found out December 23rd at my 20 week (1st)ultrasound that not only was baby healthy but that we were having a girl. We announced it to family on Christmas :) I guess no gift tops that in my book :)

Skooks 2:08 AM  

I remember getting a Chicago Bears sweatshirt from Santa when I was probably 7 or 8. He actually came to my house (I think it was my dad's friend from work) with one for each of my sisters and me. I kinda knew it wasn't real (he drove up in a car - which I saw out the window), but it was priceless to see my little sister's face when he came in the door.

Maybe not my best gift ever, but it was memorable!

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