Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm the biscotti queen

This week my sole focus is on making biscotti. I am making little bags of biscotti for Dave's top clients... three flavors of biscotti: cinnamon hazelnut, gingerbread, and chai. I need to make 75 bags. Each recipe makes approximately 36 pieces, which would go into 18 bags (2 of each flavor in each bag). So I need to make 12 batches of biscotti this week... It will be interesting to say the least:)

Disclaimer: I could never be a food photographer or a food blogger because I have no idea how to make them look good in the photos. In addition, I started taking pictures halfway through the process.

To make biscotti, you make the dough, cut it in half, roll it into two 12" logs, flatten them and bake them.
Here is a baked loaf of chai biscotti, which will be cut into 18 slices.

And baked again.

And cooled on a rack.

And iced with melted chocolate (for the chai biscotti I mixed ginger with white chocolate).

They are so yummy! I haven't had time to take a picture of the finished bag, but I will do so and post it later.


kkoois 8:14 AM  

that looks great, jana! i'm very impressed.

Mommy Brain 8:40 AM  

They look great! Yesterday Em and I made pot pies and I had to take pictures and video of them cause they looked so good. You could see the steam piping out of them... Congrats on the baking and the blogging, I'm so impressed!

April 11:30 AM  

Those look great!!!! I am so amazed at your baking gift!!!! I don't have it and really admire it in others! You are amazing!

Skooks 12:29 PM  

Those look amazing! I wish I was on the client list so I could get a little stash for myself. :)

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