Friday, December 18, 2009

Smoked almond, sea salted, dark chocolate bark

Included with the biscotti packages are 4 pieces of bark... I wish I could include more, but with the number of packages I need we would go broke in chocolate!

The ingredients - seriously, this is it (this picture cost less than $15... I use one chocolate bar per batch, but I've only had to buy one bag of almonds - at Aldi - and one container of salt... so this is a rather inexpensive, yet delicious goodie!):

Break up the chocolate and put it in a microwave safe dish:

melt in microwave until smooth:

Handful of smoked almonds:

thrown in the blender and coarsly chopped:

mix those almonds into the melted chocolate and pour into a foil or parchment lined cookie sheet. Spread to desired thickness. Tap pan on the counter a couple of times and gently shake it to settle it and get it as even as possible. And just because its fun to do:

another handful of smoked almonds thrown in the blender and chopped less than the previous handful - you want bigger pieces this time. Sprinkle them all over the chocolate-in-a-pan.

Tiny bit of coarse sea salt - tiny bit meaning probably 1/2 tablespoon. Sorry - I have a crappy camera that evidently doesn't do well with close ups:

Sprinkle salt evenly over chocolate and almonds. Throw the whole thing in the refrigerator until firm enough to break.

Remove from refrigerator, remove from pan, peel off foil or parchment and break into bite sized pieces.



April 11:13 AM  

That does look super yummy and yet even I could make it! FUN!!!

Doni Brinkman 6:06 PM  


Skooks 10:03 AM  

I want to try this!

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