Thursday, December 03, 2009

What to write

Marissa has asked me to come back to blogland. I happen to believe that Marissa is the only person who still checks/reads this. So my question is:

What do you want to read about? I'm willing to write, give me some inspiration... sometimes I wonder if my intensity comes across as being opinionated and judgemental, which I try really hard not to be, so I shy away from sharing. Believe me, I have a bunch of stuff running through my head at any given moment.

I will commit to writing everyday this month if YOU provide the topics! That means I need almost 30 topics. Ask me anything - I'm an open book:)

***edited to add: I will begin on Monday, December 7th. I'd like to leave this post up for a couple of days with the hopes that perhaps a straggler or two will pop in and happen upon it and provide some more topics.

As a side note, thinking about going back to public, for various reasons. When I was non-private I didn't do anything to increase my traffic, but I am fully aware that it is easier to blog more often when there are people actually reading it and commenting on it. I believe that most of my few readers are probably not following along too closely and maybe part of it is because it is private and won't show up on a reader (I don't follow many private blogs for that reason). My reasoning behind going private was to create an authentic sharing community, but that didn't seem to happen. I think that I, personally, have a hard time being someone I'm not so my personal authenticity is not in jeopardy by going public. In addition, I don't think I need to share personal info as much as I did at that specific time - I didn't get as specific about things anyway. I think I need to view this not as a personal personal journal, but as a place to record thoughts and memories, which is the original intention anyway.


Skooks 12:43 PM  

Ooh! Choose my own adventure blogging from Jana. I love it!

Topic 1: Christmas traditions. What are yours? Any new ones you're implementing this year? How do you keep the spirit of Christmas alive in your house and keep your kids from getting caught up in the gift aspect of it all?

Skooks 12:45 PM  

Topic 2: Is it perfectionism that is stopping you from starting the whole Flylady thing? What's going on with that?

Skooks 12:46 PM  

Topic 3: What book(s) are you reading for fun or inspiration lately?

Skooks 12:47 PM  

Topic 4: Free form rant of your choice. Seriously, I'm sure somthing's been bugging you lately. You can be as deep or non-deep on this as you feel comfortable.

April 11:23 AM  

Oh I check back on you at least once or twice a week. Yep, it would be awesome if you were back public so I could see you in my google reader :)!

I love all your posts, especially your "intense ones" because you are sharing who you really are with us and I love real true sharing.

Topics are always an interesting thing...I always blog about what is happening or the occassional musing so not sure what other topics there are.

Lets see:

Please share some of the redoing of your home decor.
How are things without babysitting (I am assuming you aren't doing that anymore) and would you do it again?
Talk about your marriage and aspects about you love, hate, enjoy.
How is your dietary things going?
What kind of gifts are you giving your kids and others this year?
Where are you going this year and how will you be celebrating?
What are some things that you do in your introvertedness to recharge and have life be normal for you?
What is your favorite past time?
What time do you go to bed and wake up?
What is your favorite food? Drink?
If money wasn't an object where would you like to go for a vaca?
....that is enough :)!

Have a blessed day Ms. Jana!

Brenda B 7:38 AM  

I'll try to think of a topic but I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing things from your point of view. So blog on...

heidi jo 11:05 AM  

well hello - welcome back to blogland!

by the way - -i've found there are some private blogs that can still show up in readers or can be emailed to subscribers. my blog is one that is private for security reasons but can still be accepted by some readers... maybe yours can too?

topic - write about why the scents of the season are so spell-binding. :)

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