Thursday, December 10, 2009

Planning is the Worst

For as long as I can remember (which, admittedly is not very long;) the planning of anything has been much worse for me than the actual execution of any given task. When I had to write papers in high school and college I would agonize over choosing a topic or a theme and then further agonize over the first sentence. When doing projects in grade school, the process of choosing a project and planning it was miserable for me. Once the plan is set, though, I am the queen of getting it done and following through.

I'm not sure why this is a struggle for me. And you would think that once I graduated from all educational pursuits the issue would be resolved. Nope. It happens in real life, too.

* I love to have people over for dinner and to hang out. But I pull my hair out when coming up with the menu and the grocery list.

* I don't mind cooking. But I hate every second of meal planning and grocery list making.

* I LOVE to bake. Love it. However, I've been asked to bring a dessert to a party on Saturday and am unbelieveably - and irrationally - stressed out about WHAT to bring.

* I very much enjoy buying Christmas gifts for the people that I love. Figuring out what to buy, though, distresses me (this I partly blame on the fact that I like to give meaningful, thoughtful gifts - not just crap from the list).

I'm sure there is a host of other examples of this in my life. Unfortunately the result of all of this is an unreasonable amount of self-induced stress before any given event or project... We took a tremendously fun and long road trip to Virginia for Thanksgiving. For weeks leading up to it I was tense and crabby - because I was anticipating all of the packing I was going to have to do. And I happen to be a very organized and good packer, but thinking about it makes me crabby.

THIS would be the reason that a) I like the idea of the choose your own adventure style blogging for the month and b) I didn't blog yesterday...

I LOVE to blog. I love to write. I enjoy it - it allows me to clear my head of thoughts and sometimes feelings that seem to get caught up there swirling around and clouding my day. BUT I don't like coming up with topics to write about. My blog is sporadic because I write when I feel compelled to do so... I don't feel compelled to write every day. I write about stuff that is spinning around me and needs to get out so I can focus on the rest of life. Now, saying that I'll blog everyday for the month is great - I enjoy doing it, but now the topic choosing is leading to avoidance on my part. So, please choose my topic for me!


Skooks 10:23 AM  

Read your comments from yesterday, goofball. I gave you one. And you can refer to the first post a few days ago where I gave you like 5. :P

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