Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Too Soon

Today was the first time ever that I thought to myself, "I'd really like it if these girls never get any older." Normally I find myself anticipating the next stage or eagerly looking forward to future life with 3 teenage girls or even 3 adult girls and their husbands and children. I guess part of it is that having little kids is hard, time-consuming, all encompassing, frustrating work. Work. Seems like it is more work than not work. As always, the grass looks greener on the other side - when they're older they'll be more independent, they'll be easier to talk with, we'll be friends, we'll enjoy hanging out like Dave and I enjoy hanging out with our parents. You know - life will be perfect when they're just a little bit older and I don't have to carry anyone, dress anyone or wipe anyone's bum. However, today while all three were swinging on the swings I thought about how incredibly adorable they are right NOW and how much I love them right NOW and how much I would really like to stop time and keep them like this for a long time.

Nora is innocent and sweet. Sometimes I feel she is a bit oversensitive, but for the most part she is such a sweet little soul. She just fills my heart with joy.

Ryann is so cute and not so innocent:) She is full of mischief. She's got that look in her eye that she knows exactly what she is doing and what reaction will result from it. She is a clown and is soooo busy. The Fulmer's call her Hurricane Ryann. And a hurricane she is. She is into everything. Yet she is so snuggly and affectionate. And she adores her big sis.

Georgia is 5 1/2 months old. Do I need to say anything more? She is adorable and sweet and smiley and cuddly. She is wonderful.

Do I really want them to grow up? Shouldn't I just bask in this for a while - it won't be long before they are in the midst of junior high cattiness, crushes on boys, the devastation of failed relationships, etc. I have such a hard time living in the NOW with my kids. Why do I always think it is going to be easier when... ? Balance. Balance is my issue - I have a hard time finding it and keeping it.

A few shots that inspired my thoughts:


kkoois 10:55 PM  

Ok, now it's my turn to cry. What a great post! What sweet girls. I loved your thoughts. I also know that feeling of anticipating the next stage and how it will probably be better. But, when that stage arrives, I always look back at what I am missing.
And for the record, I think you are very good at finding balance...

Melissa :) 8:23 AM  

Slow down. Enjoy. Relish in EVERY moment - good or bad. They grow up too fast. They grow up too soon. There will come a day when you are sitting alone with day wishing you could give anything to have your three tiny darlings back. Once these days are gone, they are never coming back. Enjoy the hurricane. Enjoy the diapers. Enjoy the mess. It will not last forever. :)

Oh, beautiful photos! Beautiful girls. :)

Melissa :) 8:25 AM  

Uh, that should read "with Dave", not "with day". Sheesh! ;)

Heaven Sent 11:05 PM  

Well said. Some days it just hits me how fast it is all going by. Have I told you my mom's saying before?? "The days are long, but the years fly by." Sorry if I have, but it just seems so true to me. I can only imagine what it feels like when you have three little ones growing up so fast. Just keep taking pictures!!!! :o)

Missy 10:51 AM  

I feel the love in your post for your children and feel blessed that you shared these thoughts with us. Isn't it wonderful to just be able to enjoy and watch. Maybe a small glimpse of God watching us :) and the smiles he has for you as you care for His precious gifts.

Jen 6:26 PM  

I SO know what you mean! It's so hard in these days of potty training and bottles to keep our heads above water. And then they do something so cute and you are just a pile 'o mush!
I think I will just keep having babies because I can not bear the thought of my house without one!

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